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  • Kelly M. Pettersen - The best highly recommended

    I've experienced a huge improvement in growth rate and Heath of my nails and hair. I tried several brands before this and this is the only truly effective one. My hair was falling out like crazy but not regrowing at a rate to keep up with normal shedding and my nails were breaking even though I had a healthy diet and took vitamins. This supplement changed all that. I've been using it 3months and I'm very happy and relieved. I was sure I would be bald before I found the answer lol you can take it on an empty stomach too

  • supergram - SUPERB GUIDE to Interstate highways

    For those of us still tied to PAPER/ printed copy, versus internet and google maps, this book is a TREASURE! I LOVE IT. SO helpful to look ahead at what's available - gas stations, stores, motels and such. Have been using the Next Exit since 2008, getting a new one every couple of years to keep up with new construction. It is VERY ACCURATE.

  • Charles J Richardson - Must Have Book for Ford Bit/spur Collectors

    This book is 'THE' book for anyone who considers collecting or researching the bits and spurs made by well known maker, R.F.Ford. The wife of the maker has gone to great detail to make certain the order book that Mr. Ford used in his daily work is copied and preserved just as he wrote it down. The book shows the work, the coffee stains and scribblings just as RF put them in his book and is a tremendous resource for those collectors that wish to go back and look at this makers production through the years he made bits and spurs. Notes on many of the spurs and bits are in the book as well as who he made them for. Mr. Ford passed away in 2011, but his work is gaining great collector attention in the realm of western memorabilia collecting. Anyone collecting Mr. Ford's work would certainly want to add this book to the collection.

  • Mayanafi - Wonderful

    I absolute love the chi silk infusion. I use it every time I wash my hair and it leaves it feeling silky and fresh with an added gorgeous shine

  • I.M. - A great buy for you Bluetooth needs

    This works perfectly. I don't like the bulk of Bluetooth in ear head phones or how they stick in my ears. I have a good set of in ear head phone that I like and this make them Bluetooth so that great for all your wireless needs. The charge last a long time and they are easy to connect.

  • Steve G - Waited to use a bit before writing a review!

    I wanted to wait a bit before writing a review, as I'm skeptical about these products until I've used them a bit. Verdict? Completely lives up to the hype. First, the end result: rich, creamy soft-serve type dessert made with only what you put in (in our case bananas from the garden mixed with frozen fruits from the grocery store. No sugars or other ingredients, and it can be adjusted to your whim. Second, the clean-up: Easy and quick. No figuring out what goes where, it is quick to clean and the blade attachment is not like a food processor blade (untouchable by human hands). On the Yonanas, the bladed attachment is not too sharp and can be easily soaped and rinsed clean without risk of cuts. We're using it regularly, and we love it!

  • Horsefeathers89 - It is every bit as good as a Yeti without the bigger price tag

    I gave this to my husband for Father's Day. He loves it! It is every bit as good as a Yeti without the bigger price tag, It is a substantial mug that holds the extra coffee he was wanting to take to work, and it fits in his cup holder in his truck. Two thumbs up!