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  • Henrietta Jackson Madison - hennessey

    I've been using this product for a month now and already im seeing a major increase in my butt size like 7"inches I'm really loving this product and can't wait to see how big it'll look at 6 months that's how long they reccomend you to take it oh yeah it even smells good I would very much reccomend this product to anyone who wants to increase their butt size you will love it .

  • Bing - Information without personality

    If you want a lot of information about Lucille Ball's life, you'll find it here. If you want to get a sense of who Lucille Ball was, look elsewhere. This book evokes none of her personality. I think I smiled a couple of times. She is barely quoted, so her own voice is largely absent.

  • Surreptrixious - More fun to ridicule than to read

    While I enjoyed Twilight, I absolutely did not have the same connection to this book. The writing was juvenile and the characters were flat. We're not given a real reason to care about them other than that we're told to.

  • Daniel Sipes - Eccellent way to begin as a ham

    I studied for 2 weeks prior to the exam... I'm quite sure this was the difference between pass/fail. I did pass. I would recommend anyone who wishes to become a ham to buy it. It's worth a great deal more than I paid for it.

  • Trout - Squat Calf Machine

    The Body Solid GSCL360 is a great squat or calf raise machine. Overall, I like this product and recommended to any one who is serious about getting a good leg workout.

  • Tervguy - It didn't disappoint. Like their show I only wish it were ...

    I have been a huge fan of Joanna and Chip right from the very first show. I have watched every show many time over and never get tired of it. When I saw that they had written a book I couldn't wait to down load it. It didn't disappoint. Like their show I only wish it were longer because I can never get enough of Fixer Upper. Great job Joanna and Chip!

  • LadyNims - HALLELUJAH!

    I have a spot on my carpet that smells like urine and I have tried everything! The expensive "pet" carpet cleaning machine with special "pet odor" detergent didn't work. Neither did all the Nature's Miracle products sold at Petsmart. Neither did the home remedies-- baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide. Neither did the professional carpet cleaners. Neither did pulling the carpet up and hand washing it on a washboard. I bought a couple bottles of this, poured it inside a hand sprayer and drenched the place. 24 hours later it is dry and no more urine smell!!!