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Scopel Empreendimentos - Um pedaço de terra é só o começo. O negócio da Scopel é transformar essa terra em valor.

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  • vegann - Amazing!

    This is exactly what I wanted for my iPad Pro. The Pencil fits in tight enough that I am not worried about it falling out but it is very easy to remove. The case feels very solid and the corners have extra protection against accidental drops. Very, very pleased with this product.

  • Jami Kelly - Love this in the diffuser

    I use Young Living OILS, and recently ran out of my Lavender. I diffuse Lavender in both of my kids bedrooms EVERNIGHT to help them sleep so i go through it A LOT!! I decided to try Pure Body Naturals Lavender Essential Oils instead of my Young Living Lavender and honestly, I can't tell the difference between the two, when it's in the diffuser. Neither can my kids. The bottle is much larger than expected which was exciting. Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE the glass dropper. It makes putting a certain amount drops in the diffuser SO much easier and much faster! I LOVE this product and will be reordering when my bottle gets low.

  • William G. Straub - GOOD JOB, Mr. Klein

    Ed Stein has done another wonderful job of researching his "heroine" for this book. But, there really wasn't much that I learned about the lying, cheating, hateful woman, Hillary Clinton. And I am certain that most Democrats will ignore the facts, as usual and we possibly will end up with a mean spirited, filthy mouthed,lying, nasty person as our first woman POTUS. And I am sure I will get all sorts of nasty comments for this review. It is a real shame that the first woman POTUS has to have some of the most sickening character traits of any human being in government. But, it seems that's the way we roll in this country at this point in time. SHAMEFUL.

  • Nom de réviser - A Touch of Perfection

    Tiny (60g, 1 x 6.5 x 6.5cm), fast, free--what more could you ask for? It's a touch of perfection. It's so small, sometimes I misplace it, but otherwise it works great.

  • Leah Nicole - Never again

    The razor is just too damn big. If you are not careful you can split your eye open. I purchased these only bc amazon didn't have the mini eyebrow razors by Noxema available so I went with this. However, I almost cut my eye lid open with these because the blade is entirely too big for the eye area. Would not purchase ever again

  • Filter - You make your bed...

    So...this little book thread has really made the rounds hasn't it? There are some who argue that the posts are a bit too harsh and unmerited while others think that this kid is getting what he deserves (I mean come on kid...the first rule that my dad, a fighter pilot, told me when I started flight school was to keep your mouth shut and stay below the radar...which, I couldn't follow because like to run my mouth and so it didn't work out for me...it's cool I love what I do now and running my mouth is perfect for this job). And in the immortal words of Tom Wolfe, those who have IT, don't talk about IT (and by IT...well if you don't know, look it up) So yeah, that is one of the unspoken rules of this game, and if you break them, what do you expect...you don't get invited to be part of the club.

  • Blueswerks - PHARMAFREAK TEST FREAK - 28CT - Trial size

    This is for PHARMAFREAK TEST FREAK - 28CT - USA - Testosterone Stimulator - #1 Selling Testosterone Booster - Increase Libido, Sex Drive, Endurance, and Stamina - Unique Formula. I must mention that I received the product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. Serving size 4 4 capsules every day before bed at least 30 minutes after last meal on empty stomach with 8 ounces of water. 8 weeks on, 2 weeks off. This is the trial size. 7 days worth. 1,100 mg Fenugreek + 1,000 mg Tribulus, Zinc, Magnesium + Vitamin B6.