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  • Kindle Customer - Great game except, disk is faulty and didn't last more than few months.

    Love the whole bundle was very happy with everything. I have played about 120 hours over the last few months. But a few weeks ago when I put the game it in the player I get "disk unreadable". I cleaned and tried repeatedly to play with no luck. All other games play so I know it is not my player. I don't understand how a game with no scratches with very little hours on it can just stop working. I took the game to a locate game stop and they cleaned and tried to play on their system with the same results, was told the game itself is fried. Now I will have to replace, but the game itself is almost as expensive as the whole bundle I purchased originally. I'm disappointed so I am unable to give it the full 5 stars.

  • haven - Great bargain jacket

    This is my first rain shell, but my impressions are great. I am 6'1" and 200lbs. I have a slender build and the large fit perfectly. Slightly baggy so I can easily layer beneath it. I just got back from a week in Canada and had the pleasure of using the Precip jacket twice. I used it on the first morning of a canoe camping trip in Algonquin Park. It was about 50 degrees and a thick foggy mist settled over the lake for the first day. I used this and a long sleeve base layer and I was warm and dry. My second opportunity was at Niagara Falls. I wore it while doing some long exposure shots of the falls at night. Definitely kept the mist off of me and dry.

  • dominic esteban - No Mold Regrowth

    I used it extensively (albeit gently) on a big collection of used hardback books that came from the mainland to live in Hawaii. After a month or so in this humidity (no A/C) mold visibly exploded all over the books (hundreds of them). After treatment and careful drying, the books looked much better and, best of all, no new mold growth. This stuff really works if you have the right application for it.

  • leo-iii - Watch out! DOn't buy this unlesws you are prepared to pay $2 per employee per month!

    This product is most incompletely described here on Amazon. You are told that the enhanced payroll does direct deposit for you. Well, we don't need that, but the $99 additional that I spent for a year of payroll service was attractive so I bought the bundled product. Well, when I came to activate the product I was told by Intuit that there was a charge of $2 per month per employee because of the free facility to do direct deposit. Free, my arse! The integrated payroll, I was told, is Symphony payroll. Also not part of the description here.