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Seven Bridges - Home - Seven Bridges is the biomedical data analysis company accelerating breakthroughs in genomics research for cancer, drug development and precision medicine.

  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/biotech-pharmaceutical/ Seven Bridges - Biotech and Pharmaceutical - Seven Bridges enables biotech and pharmaceutical businesses to accelerate genomic and bioinformatics research and analyze data at scale.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/government/ Seven Bridges - Government - Seven Bridges is the biomedical data analysis solution for governments to accelerate population-scale genomic research and data integration.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/clinical/ Seven Bridges - Clinical Organizations - Seven Bridges makes the tools and infrastructure clinicians need to deliver on the promise of precision medicine.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/consortia/ Seven Bridges - Research Consortia - Seven Bridges solves the logistical challenges of distributed bioinformatics, facilitating international collaboration for large disease-focused consortia.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/sequencing-service-providers/ Seven Bridges - Sequencing Service Providers - Seven Bridges offers complete bioinformatics solutions for sequencing service providers to analyze data direct from the sequencer, and report in the cloud.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/platform/ Seven Bridges - Genomic Software Platform - The Seven Bridges Platform is the cloud-based environment for bioinformatic analysis at scale, enabling teams to jointly store, analyze and interpret data.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/pricing/ Seven Bridges - Pricing - Data analysis with the Seven Bridges Platform is easy: register for an account to start work immediately. Our licenses include tools, pipelines and support.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/graph/ Seven Bridges - Graph Genome Suite - Seven Bridges is the biomedical data analysis company accelerating breakthroughs in genomics research for cancer, drug development and precision medicine. We build self-improving systems to analyze millions of genomes, including the Graph Genome Suite — the most advanced population genomics tools in the world.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/case-studies/cellular-research/ Seven Bridges - BD Cellular Research Delivers Precise Assay via the Seven Bridges Platform - The Seven Bridges Platform's bioinformatics pipelines enable biotechnology companies working with genomic data to reduce risk and decrease time to market.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/case-studies/stanford/ Seven Bridges - Seven Bridges Enables Stanford HugeSeq in the Cloud - Seven Bridges supported a leading U.S. academic research lab’s project to share bioinformatics pipelines and datasets with researchers around the world.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/case-studies/nci-cgr/ Seven Bridges - Seven Bridges Accelerates the Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute - Using the Seven Bridges Platform, the NCI Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory automated its sequencing service to deliver data and analyses faster.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/case-studies/pcawg/ Seven Bridges - PCAWG - The Seven Bridges Platform enabled the PanCancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) consortium to efficiently analyze thousands of genomes.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/white-papers/ Seven Bridges - White papers - Seven Bridges library of white papers discuss topics of interest to our partners in rich technical detail.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/careers/ Seven Bridges - Careers - At Seven Bridges, you can turn ideas, research and software into tools used around the world to accelerate genomic research and impact human health.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/contact/ Seven Bridges - Contact - Contact us for questions, feedback, feature requests, pricing, billing policies, partnership opportunities or to introduce yourself and your projects.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/team/ Seven Bridges - Team - Seven Bridges' leadership has wide-ranging expertise drawn from backgrounds in mathematics, genomics, computational biology, engineering and management.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/press/ Seven Bridges - Press - Catch up on our news and what the media is saying about Seven Bridges. Contact us for press enquiries.
  • https://www.sbgenomics.com/press/cancer-moonshot-blood-profiling-atlas/ Seven Bridges - Seven Bridges Joins Cancer Moonshot Initiative with Cloud Platform to Speed Blood Profiling Research - Seven Bridges Joins Cancer Moonshot Initiative with Cloud Platform to Speed Blood Profiling Research Blood Profiling Atlas Project Aims to Advance the Development of Simple, Blood-Based Test for Early Cancer Diagnosis

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