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  • philster - Great value

    Have been using this tablet for about a week. I originally bought the resistive screen version but would not recommend. Sensitivity and response were not very good. I exchanged it for conductive screen and it works much better. I primarily use this for reading both books and music. It also plays fine for videos-just don't expect iPad quality. But then again, you aren't paying iPad price. It also came with a case/keyboard which works very well. The case has a flip-up stand. Only drawback is the usb cable hangs out of the case. I just loop it around the stylus and that keeps it inside. Headphone jack, mini SD card slot, and USB all work. Battery life is not real good - about 3 hours of reading, even with screen brightness at half and background programs stopped. I'll problably buy a portable back-up. This tablet can be charged via usb, micro usb (cable was included) or wall charger. Wi-fi range is limited. I have to be within 20 feet of my router to get a decent signal, but I'm thinking about adding a USB antenna to see if that increases the range. Customer service dept was very easy to deal with when I wanted to exchange (upgrade) to the better screen. Hope this helps.

  • Gary Bass - Lemon

    The right 2 inches of the screen is pixilated with lines going up and down. It will not update. Basically, the television is a lemon. Not what I expect from Sony.

  • Mike Joe - Mojo Golf Balls

    I've been playing Mojos for years. They are a great ball for the price. The deal on Amazon is a good buy and beats the price at my local golf shops. Highly recommend for plays who don't need high end golf balls. These work just fine and come in a 24 pack!

  • MariaEdZed - A three-hanky psychological thriller.

    A three-hanky psychological thriller. I was totally surprised by the last few chapters. The ending was perfect. Sad but perfect.

  • H. Takeo - Guarantee is for real.

    I give this item a 5-star because the manufacturer really does refund your money if the product doesn't work exactly as stated on the bottle. I got a refund check for two bottles by sending the receipts for the purchase along with the bar code off of the bottle to the address on the Lucas website. It would be inappropriate to rate the product poorly because the car had a hole in one of the power steering fluid lines, and it was just too big for this product to repair.