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  • Ordinary Mom - A bit dull

    I enjoy campaign books, but this is a bit dull. It seems that it was thrown together and reads more like a collection of magazine articles than a coherent book. Also, just in terms of fun "gossip", there really isn't much of interest.

  • Amazon Customer - Meh supplement. Doesn't really give a "kick" when working ...

    Meh supplement. Doesn't really give a "kick" when working out. I don't feel any difference with before/after when I take it.

  • Kallisti - Works but Pricey

    This product really worked well for me. Like most everyone else I have very sensitive skin and can't put most anything on it. My sister and I got hustled into a kiosk for the body scrub and butter. The lady was super pushy and talked really close to us so I figured she was just low on sales and really needed to get someone to buy from her. We let her put the face peel on our wrists and it worked wonderfully but they wanted 150 for it! After a lot of debate the lady finally offered it to my sister for 29 so she took it. When we got home I tried it. I noticed right off the bat that the so called skin that just rubs off is probably the gel just drying but the gross dirt attached was definitely mine. Most things I use on my face leave it very dry and I immediately have to put lotion on and then more lotion and more and more. With this I didn't have to do it immediately. I waited a couple minutes and then just put lotion on for more moisture and I have not had this nice of skin in forever. I truly love this product and will buy it for myself.

  • S. Maguire - They will spam you, relentlessly!

    Someone bought this for me for Christmas. When I decided to stop renewing my subscription I started getting spammed DAILY. About three emails a day come in. I have tried to unsubscribe over and over again, but they just keep coming. Some of the subject lines are... "Expiring in 24hrs!", "Please Finish Activating Your Free Account", "Original Subscription Discontinued", "Watch 20+ LIVE Cable Channels without a Cable Subscription", ", Payment Failed", "Credit Card Authorization", "Your Free Account is Awaiting Activation!", "Urgent Notification: Subscription Discontinued", "Oops...we messed up", "How To Activate Your Free Account", "Account Warning", "Get FREE Amazon Prime just in time for Prime Day Tomorrow!", "Your Subscription Plan Has Been Discontinued", "Thank You", "Termination Notice", "Your Subscription is Discontinued", "☺ Congrat, you've qualified! 70% discounts for members only", Your Subscription Has Been Canceled", "Action Required - Deadline on 07/08/2016", "Your Subscription is Expiring", "Thank You For Renewing"... and they just keep coming. And I unsubscribed over and over and over. No use. It's been months. I marked it as spam. When I check my junk folder its full of Rabbit TV emails. It seems the only way to get rid of them is to change email addresses. Think really hard before you give Rabbit TV your email address.

  • K. Arford - Didn't moisturize well

    Sorry, I didn't like this. I have had problems with my last two tattoos being really really dry and taking forever to heal, so I wanted to try something that was supposed to be a really good product. I actually felt like this made my tattoo even MORE dry. It didn't moisturize well at all.

  • 1uvakine - WOW!

    I have only been using this gel for about four days and already I'm seeing results! My hair tends to curl and hide under my skin, plus it's usually thick hair. I have had an ingrown hair for, I don't even know how long - probably years, I always had a huge bump and I would try to dig out the hair with no luck. After two days of using this gel, all of the sudden, a long hair emerged from this bump in my skin and the bump finally went away! I recommend this to everyone ... I am buying more for my friends and family!