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  • C. Sims - Effectiveness wins a prize!

    No doubt, the inventor deserves the equivalent of a Nobel prize for first, invisioning a way to combine simple ingredients into a solution that truly does work well for "THAT" smell. It also works on foul urine odor.) Secondly, for excellence in creativity for the names, packaging and spectacular marketing. (Watch the hilarious, ingenious YouTube commercials.) This particular fragrance is nice, but it needs more lavender oil. It smells more like vanilla-Lemon Pledge, but like heaven compared to doo doo! As much as I'm impressed with the overall product, I'm not by the price. Thus, only 4 stars. Why? It's quick & easy to make at home! No lie. Google it. Pinterest is full of recipes, too. Simple drug store glycerin (the coating agent) and excellent essential oils are the key. Don't get me wrong, this stuff is fabulous! But, if you're willing to make your own, you'll save A LOT of money by spending just a little time. And, you can name your own. If you run out, pour a little water and grease-fighting dish soap in the squirt bottle until you make/buy more.

  • Jeffrey M. - Awesome

    This OEM light was a perfect replacement. Took a couple minutes to replace. Two screws, pop off the wiring clip and pull off the rubber washer fluid hose, replace the wire clip and hose on the new light (all LED's are internal) and reinstall the screws. The small markings on the red plastic were the exact same to the factory original one. The only difference was the fluid dispenser on the old one was black and the new one is red plastic which I like better (likely a manufacturing change after a certain date). My old LED light worked intermittently. If i banged on it with my fist, I could get it to pass inspection but I wanted a permanent fix.

  • Gregory - Amazing

    Really good customer service ... They sent it fast and on time ! The 2 guys that delivered the machine actually carried it into my house to the spot I needed it ... They also called me 20 mins before they got to my house to confirm I was home ...Putting it together wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be after reading the reviews ! Took me 2 hours at the most.. I'm a big guy 6'4 280 (not fat)and I run on this thing daily since I got it and the belt works just as good/better than the treadmills at my gym ! I'm really happy with this treadmill ... The incline take a little while to get where it need to be but that isn't a issue for me

  • Kezia O - Lovely Packaging

    I have used this product only a few times when I skip my prescription Retin-A. I like the smell of it, and it works really well for overnight clear-ups. I use it under a moisturizing night cream.

  • Amazon Customer - Could be formatted better.

    I do not care for the formatting, would like to see the rule numbers in search results or page # of printed book. second year and I feel these need to be edited as a user would wish to use for study. I would like to see the exact page layout as the printed book.

  • Barbbe - Dragons

    Baist was a dragon man who didn't have anyone...so he was the one who made everyone laugh.. Jenna was a gamer and tube queen. But also shy and had no one.. when they both find themselves on a planet that was cold and full of water.. he hates water he has to have heat.. these two r not the kinds that should be mates, so how do they make it work? 😜