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  • Mz. Hitchcock - Buyer Beware! The booklet with QR CODE WAS MISSING, which means you can't play unlimited as advertised

    I purchased this game as a new item. I opened the case and noticed the booklet was missing (how is it new if the book is misding??). At first I thought this would not be a problem until the game prompted me to view the booklet for the QR code that would allow us to have "unlimited "play. I will be returning this and I will never buy from this seller again.

  • Saul Lapidus - Great Bed!

    The bed is great. It easily supports myself, my wife and our kids (when they come and join us). I would definitely get it again.

  • Dan W. - This stuff works great. It does wear off

    This stuff works great. It does wear off, and nothing will numb certain areas completely, but it helps--a lot. I had a big chest peice done and used hush. I followed the directions and used about 2/3 of a bottle and wrapped it in plastic wrap. It was about 1.5-2 hours later that the tattoo actually got started--not the one hour the directions say. I could barely feel anything for the first hour or so until my sternum started getting done. That was bad, real bad, but it think it would have been completely unbearable otherwise.

  • The Millers - Simple, Easy to Follow Guide

    I like the simplicity of this study guide. All too often when I have used other study guides they try to pack way too much information in which makes it overwhelming or they are organized poorly which creates a lot of confusion and defeats the purpose of a study guide. This guide is laid out well and simple to follow. Since I am not the greatest at math, I really like the section where they review some basic math problems regarding fractions, etc. As one other reviewer mentioned there are a couple of typos but I'm not going to get all bent out of shape about it. I take this guide for what it is...another way to study to prepare for the exam but of course it's only part of the overall preparation for the exam. I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review and I would feel comfortable recommending this guide if you want a well organized and easy to follow study guide.

  • Weston - Great product.

    Best oil out there. Used it throughout my Marching band years. Kept my trumpet valves from seizing up.

  • T Daneman - Allergy Relief Without Side-effects

    I've used this product for allergy relief from airborne allergies. Has worked in several states with different allergens. Various trees, molds, grasses. Works quickly by taking a larger first dose as recommended on the label. And works on chronic issues by taking the everyday dose as recommended. Price online is same as at my chiropractor's office. Delivered quickly.

  • James Bond - Phenomenal code and architecture - best A/V and anti-malware.

    Webroot - this is clearly THE best antivirus ever created. I wouldn't be surprised if it blocked the NSA malware and snooping activities as well. The code is tight and fast resulting in super fast scans, false positives are extremely rare, and I've yet to see a malware penetrate Webroot. The best part is the small footprint both in memory and on the hard drive. Previously I loved Prevx v3.0, but WRSA is the next generation, designed by the same key team members as Prevx (post company merger). As a consultant, I often use WRSA to find malware after a client failed to find them with other "popular and competing a/v packages". You can fill in the blank. ;-) Having the latest competitor's virus definitions is no longer a benefit. Lastly, unlike competitors, when one has a solid suggestion or bug report, often the WRSA team will fix it within hours/days unlike the competition which MAY look at the problem months later if at all (I speak from years of such experience as a software engineer, IT consultant and contributor).