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Riley-White Drugs - Kentucky - Riley-White Drugs provide traditional pharmacy services as well immunizations, custom compounding, medication therapy management and much more. Located in Kentucky.

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  • HockeyGuy21 - Great Intake at Great Price

    Very easy assembly and installation, very well made. Already have noticed 1-2 mpg increase (still with a conservative foot). Noticed more power and get-up-and-go. Engine breathes much better, you can hear this intake suck air in when you stomp on the gas. The exhaust sound remains quiet, until you step on the gas. Overall, very happy and would recommend to anyone.

  • Mary Huff - Does the job, pet safe

    This product works on my old wood floors, which are scratched. It won't hide every knick and scratch, but it goes a long way. My roommates noticed a different. Using this product will make your floors look polished (no surprise) but its also pet safe. We have a pet who licks the floor, so this is important to us.

  • Sarah - Please balance Omega 6 with Omega 3

    It has worked well but one thing that is very important to know about this product is that it is high in omega 6. Omega 6 unbalanced can have negative side affects on someone . It needs to be balanced with Omega 3 as well. You will need to add this as a supplement. The Omega 3 needs to equal the same amount as omega 6. All you have to do is research negative side affects of high omega 6 to see the various side effects that could possibly occur. I did not know this before I stated taking it and only found out because I stared noticing my behavior had changed since taking it. I became very short tempered and angry which was not like myself. I found out that this is a side effect of High omega 6 not being balance with omega 3. Its a very good product but I feel that this should be mentioned by the company as a negative side affect if not taken properly.

  • Mike Skolnicki - Highly Recommended

    I have had this generator for 3 years now. Starts on 1st or 2nd pull even in the winter. Runs my camping trailer with no problem in which I ran the A/C unit, microwave, coffee maker, several lights and TV and the same time with no problems. I bought the wheel kit which was definitely worth it. I use synthetic oil and go 50 hours between oil changes without any problems. I have over 600 hours on the generator to date.

  • John - As good as advertised.

    Stuff really works. Holds well. Doesn't take much. Wetting surfaces to be glued is key. Does expand and then needs to have excess removed. Easier to use than epoxy but does many of the same things.