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  • matt - Does anyone have ony old stock?

    Agreeing with other parents on here that the new design is inferior to the former. We ordered the 216 count in July and are just now using it. As compared to the other size 1 swaddlers we received from our registry (from earlier in 2015), these are more like a burlap sack. Every other poop leaks so we try to use these only when pee is expected, and the blue overnight pampers the rest of the time. Still, they do not seem to wick away as well as the older models, requiring a dry wipe and more air dry time. No diaper rash yet, probably because we change them more often then we used to. I had hoped for better quality from the most expensive diaper. I suppose we will use them all up, but you can bet we’ll try other brands before that time comes.

  • TommyD - Bummer

    A waste of money. Doesn't stick. Does not hold. It didn't even stick in the trash when I threw it away.

  • Eboni - Amazing. Only need a little or else it takes ...

    We used this when moving out. Our landlord asked what product we used because he had seen the house a few days prior to us using it. Amazing. Only need a little or else it takes a while to dry and may leave a film.

  • Nedron - Do not buy

    Two of the ports broke right away, and it does not charge your phone as many times as it says it does. I am appalled. Definitely do not buy. Also it has a very cheap feel to it. The edges are not metal they are plastic. It is not worth your money. Definitely do not buy. I would put down 0 stars if I could.

  • Belle - I Hate This

    My 7 year old daughter wanted some board games for Christmas. I loved Sorry when I was a kid so this would be just right--I thought. Why has Hasbo fixed what wasn't broke. New rules and fewer pawns makes for an unappealing game. I'm now in the hunt for the classic version of the game so that my daughter and I can enjoy the game more often. This is also the case for The Game of Life--which is so bad that I want to throw it away, and Clue. Where can I find the classic versions of these games? The only game that I bought that is the same classic version is Battleship.

  • Granger - Grow Young with HGH

    The book is long winded and in essence probably simple enough for anyone to understand. That being said, it does not refer the reader to their private Physicians strongly enough. If you think you have a hormone deficiency, of any kind, a blood test would be in order. NOT buying what You think you need from a foreign pharmacy, as this could be potentially dangerous and or harmful to your body. While some attention is paid to foods and timing, there should be more emphasis placed on how to get your bodies own "factory" to increase production.