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  • N. Scott - It's so much better than any other glass cleaner I have used

    This is the first type of glass cleaner that I can finally say DOESN'T SMEAR! It's so much better than any other glass cleaner I have used. Not only do I use it for windows, but I also use it to clean my outdoor patio tables, and my car windows. Nothing worse than driving with dirty windows. Makes them look so shiny! Definitely would recommend this product.

  • Kirk Dunwoody (Durham, NC) - Classics Nonfiction for the Curious & Creative

    I really enjoyed this book. As a veteran of the corporate world who recently transitioned into contract work, many of the concepts in this book were very insightful and interesting. It is very fun to read and Jim Collins' enthusiasm about the topic shines through and is very contagious. I shared this book with our VP Corporate Training who was able to apply the concepts with a long-term vision planning group with our entire company.

  • Heidi Hatfield - Dissatisfied second time around

    I purchased this same dvd player about 3 yrs ago and have loved it. The tray that pops out to put the dvds in would no longer come out. Since we have had it for 3 yrs i figured it was time to replace it. When we hooked it up it has a factory setting limit of 50% max for the volume. So even though it is hooked up to the radio in the van, it cannot be turned up very loud. Not everyone can hear it. We did not have this problem with the last one. Also it keeps shutting off and on by itself. I am going to send it back and probably order a different one.

  • T. Nunley - WOW, where have you been all my life baby??

    I purchased a classic motor home I'm in the process of restoring. In the battery drawer there were 4 batteries and I suspected problems there because the lot would be dead in a couple days and I could not fine an electrical problem that was draining them.

  • R. Mardis - Found a new use! Awesome

    Because Science! Heh.. I have used CLR on toilets, shower-head, coffee pot, humidifier, rust stains... Excellent product. I just found a new use though;

  • D. S. Cherry Jr. - Fits my Macbook Pro 15 inch easily plus documents in the same compartment

    I went with the large. Fits my Macbook Pro 15 inch easily plus documents in the same compartment. Comfortable across the shoulder. Large enough front carry section for an extra set of clothes in a pinch for an overnight stay. Great enclosure for an iPad or Surface device. Metal clasp enclosures are not difficult to open or close. I highly recommend.

  • Capt Rick - Amazing

    I have been waiting for these to go on sale, and finally bought one. Now I can see into the future from my TV set. Don't buy RIM stock. I can also change traffic signals with my mind.