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  • Russell C Streifert - Not just for the beginner

    This manual is really the most complete text on Excel 2007 and 2010. It explains everything you need to know about using Excel and provides short-cuts and tips to make you more effective. It is not a book for programmers, but it does cover macros and some VBA programming techniques. It's a great reference to have if you're already familiar with Excel and need to look up something quick, but it is even better as a learning tool if you take the time to go through it chapter by chapter so that you have the knowledge in your head and not have to refer to the book.

  • Leggo - the best stain and odor remover we have found

    This is the best stain and odor remover that we have found. Having 2 small children and a dog we obviously have a lot of accidents and spills. We have tried everything out there to help clean and deodorize with no luck. This stuff is great. It can be used it on the carpet, and the the wash. AWESOME STUFF!!!!

  • Brad Edwards - excellent product.

    I reccommend this product to anyone trying to do their own payroll. I have used it a few years now and like it.

  • Linda F Vaughn - Not worth the price

    The TV ads are misleading and if you agree to try the product you get a 3-month supply and a charges to your credit card that total $250+. I cancelled the subscription but was not told there was a remaining balance, so I received additional charges and it's too late to return the product.