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  • Bernie - Appears to handle the task

    I purchased this generator through an on line auction. After filling with oil and gasoline it started on the second pull. I also purchased a transfer switch to control six circuits (Reliance Model# 31406crk). The generator provides enough power to run my furnace, two refrigerators, a small freezer and some house lights. I would also recommend purchase of the wheel kit. I have only used this generator in a test situation. I don't know how well it will perform for an extended period or if the noise level will become annoying after an extended time.

  • Amazon Customer - Save your money and go with JuiceFestiv instead!

    hese are good supplements. But so expensive cause it's a mlm product so you are paying for all those commissions! I used to use and sell Juice plus but now I use Juice Festive...works just as well if not better at a 1/4th of the price of Juice plus! Your Juice Plus reps will pick the JuiceFEstive apart and tell you a hundred different reasons why Juice Plus is better.....but to me....the hundreds of POSITIVE reviews (many are even from former JUice Plus reps) speak on how well JuiceFEstive works!!!

  • kittyimperial - Avoid if you have an uneven picture frame back!

    I think this is designed for sticking onto a flat picture frame back. If your frame come with a string at the back (which make the surface uneven), I suggest you avoid this product. The frame fell off in the middle of the night tearing my antique sofa's surface into a hole!

  • Maya - Sticky!!

    Just a few drops of our 100% Pure Castor Oil is all you need to enjoy the many benefits it can bring to your face, skin & hair. Castor Oil softens and hydrates as it absorbs deep into the skin. - also helping to promote the production of collagen & elastin, which help to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - giving your skin a more youthful, glowing appearance. Castor oil is simple yet incredibly effective for so many things. I like to use it for my skin and hair mostly. It's moisturizing and can stimulate hair follicles. Many brands don't produce it in the more expensive way, by a cold-press. Luckily, CSCS has dedicated the time and research into the castor oil to make sure that it's handled properly.