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Physiotherapy Adelaide, Hands on Therapy, Pilates, Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture - We rehabilitate our clients to their best possible state of health. Our physiotherapy clinic is a 5 minute drive from Adelaide CBD.

  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/about/why-choose-rehabcorp-physiotherapy/ Why Choose Rehabcorp Physiotherapy? - There are a number of Health Professionals out there, which makes it difficult to choose the one that will best suit your needs. Here are some of the benefits
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/about/practice-physiotherapy/ Practice Philosophy - Rehabcorp Physiotherapy uses a holistic assessment and treatment approach, focusing on all aspects of our clients’s life to effectively managing their a
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/about/facilities/ Facilities - Our Evandale practice is equipped with four Treatment Rooms, a Rehabilitation Gym and a Pilates Studio. The treatment rooms are used for Hands-On
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/about/meet-our-team/ Meet Our Team - Our team consists of four physiotherapists, Marika Scicluna, Frank Tedesco, Annie Angove, and Poi Leung, our massage therapists, Jane Harris and Allyson
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/appointment-times/ Appointment Options - Appointments are scheduled at 1 hour for an initial consultation and 30-minute intervals for standard consultations. We aim to be punctual to meet the needs
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/about/practice-history/ Practice History - Rehabcorp Physiotherapy was originally established in 1999 as Tranmere Spinal & Sports Physiotherapy by Marika Scicluna. This was as a
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/physiotherapy/what-is-physiotherapy/ What is Physiotherapy? - Physiotherapy is the medicine of restoring movement dysfunction using various modalities such as manual techniques and exercise rehabilitation. It is a
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/physiotherapy/physiotherapy-treatments/ Physiotherapy Treatment - Our Physiotherapy Treatment Approach When the body’s movement is dysfunctional and the body is “out of alignment”, our physiotherapists use a "hands on" a
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/physiotherapy/conditions-treated/ Conditions Treated - Our physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of the following: Musculoskeletal Conditions - Disc Pathology, Postural Pain, Nerve Impingement,
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/physiotherapy/work-injuries/ Work Injury Management - Successful recovery from work injury relies on effective communication between the injured worker, the employer, the worker's doctor, the case manager, the
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/physiotherapy/medicare-rebates/ Medicare Rebates - Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC) is a government incentive which allows individuals with a chronic medical
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/other-services/hydrotherapy/ What is Hydrotherapy? | Rehabcorp Physiotherapy - What is Hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy, otherwise known as Aquatic Physiotherapy, is a specific form of physiotherapy treatment conducted in a heated pool.
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/other-services/pilates/ What is Pilates - What is Pilates? The Pilates method is a system of exercises that was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920′s. Our rehabilitation approach...
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/other-services/pregnancy-pilates/ Pregnancy Pilates - Our Pregnancy Pilates Class is available to women at any stage of their pregnancy who want to maintain a strong core, good posture & spinal health during this
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/other-services/gym-rehabilitation/ Gym Rehabilitation - Our physiotherapists can individually design and supervise a physical rehabilitation program at our onsite Rehabilitation Gymnasium. A combination of f
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/other-services/acupuncture Acupuncture - Acupuncture is a form of therapy that promotes natural healing of the body. The science and art of acupuncture involves insertion of needles into specific
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/other-services/mindful-movement-relaxation/ Mindfulness - Mindfulness Classes Are you an up tight person? Do you get stressed out? Are you a worrier? Do you feel like you never ‘switch off’? Have you had an injury or
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/other-services/remedial-massage/ Remedial Massage - Rehabcorp Physiotherapy offers a massage service allowing us to provide a complete 'well being' experience to our clients. Denise O'Maonaigh and Allyson
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/other-services/pregnancy-massage/ Pregnancy Massage - Rehabcorp Physiotherapy is pleased to offer a pregnancy massage service to our clients allowing us to provide a complete 'well being' experience for mother and
  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/exercise-timetable/ Exercise Timetable - Beginners/Pregnancy Pilates and Pilates Mat Classes with Marika Scicluna and Poi Leung. Pilates Equipment Classes with Annie Angove. Hydrotherapy Classes
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  • http://www.rehabcorp.com.au/products/ Products - Rehabcorp Physiotherapy stocks a range of Therapeutic Physiotherapy Products and Non-Pharmaceutical Brand Supplements to assist in the rehabilitation of our

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  • SunshineGirl - Ended up looking worse

    This product settled into every little fine line around my eyes & I don't have that many that are obvious , but this found them and actuated them & made them more obvious !! I looked ten years older! I'm glad I tested this at my local Sephora & didn't buy it so I didn't have to deal w/ returning it.

  • Carol P. Long - WillMaker Plus 2015 is fine but the online living trust "bonus" is terrible

    WillMaker Plus 2015 is fine but the online living trust "bonus" is terrible! That is actually the main reason I picked NOLO's product over the others that do the same thing. The online product is simply broken. I get to a certain point in naming beneficiaries and it goes to a page "not found." I've reached out for tech support and they got me through that one screen (acknowledging that it is a bug) but the very next screen does the same thing. I wrote to tech support again last night and they have not responded after a full day's wait. Their tech support phone line is open only when I am at work, and then only about 7 hours a day. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!