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Renova bat France - En tant que spécialistes du bâtiment, Renova bat France Saint-Ouen met à votre disposition des matériaux de qualité ainsi que des outils de rénovation et engins de construction fiables. A l'achat ou à la location, notre équipe d'experts vous conseille.

  • http://www.rbf-renovation-peinture.fr/contact/plan-d-accès/ Renova bat France - Plan d'accès - Renova bat France, votre pharmacie à Saint-Ouen vous conseille avec compétence sur toutes les questions relatives à la santé et vous propose des médicaments sur ordonnance et en libre-service.

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Prabhav Dhoj Shah - No use

    I had some good and few minor scratches on my black CRV. I used paste 1 & 2 for each scratch and didn't notice any improvement, other than the fact that the portion I rubbed the compound in, had shining finish. Much like a wax job.

  • William Carsey - High quality item

    Bought this jelly roll pan to bake pumpkin rolls. It is a heavy duty high quality item that i expact will last for years. I give it 4 instead fo 5 stars because the UPC label was almost impossible to remove! Guys, they make peal off labels. It's bakeware!

  • Ben Rubenstein - This hot plate got the job done

    Have you ever needed to boil some eggs but you can't because there's no stove available? If the answer to this question is "YES" then this Hot Plate is just what you need.

  • Amazon Customer - Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2015 problems

    i purchased my first Hallmark card program in 2008. It was easy to use, but the wide margins on the top and bottom of the cards made the card unattractive. These wide margins or borders could not be changed. Even used "borderless" printing option and still had wide margins. I then purchased the Studio Deluxe 2015 version. Same problem -- wide margins that could not be changed. This made 90% of the card suggestions useless because these wide margins were unattractive. Finding cards in this program with white backgrounds meant I could use very few cards. Even going to card studio was no help. I tried changing margins to 8.5 x 13 and all this did was run part of the printing off the page. There seems to be no answer to this problem. I Googled this problem and noted numerous complaints about this problem. Hallmark needs to repair this defect.