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Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Queensland Sun Bundaberg specializes in skin cancer & melanoma treatment. We bulk bill pensioners, concession cards and seniors 60+. Ph (07) 41517060

  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/contact-us Contact Us - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Enquire about a skin cancer and mole check at Queensland Sun. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. Ph (07) 41517060
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/urgent-booking Urgent Booking - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - We run a spot check clinic on tuesdays. If you have a mole or skin cancer needing urgent attention, we can see you at our next clinic.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/online-booking Online Booking - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Queensland Sun has partnered with 1stAvailable.com.au to provide a modern and convenient online healthcare appointment booking service.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/patient-information Patient Information - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Information about fees, bulk billing, melanomas and other types of skin cancer, treatment of skin cancer and melanoma.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/glossary Glossary - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Glossary of skin cancer terms eg melanoma, actinic keratosis, carcinoma, dermatoscopy.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/wound-care Wound Care - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Queensland Sun instructions on care of sutures, removal of sutures, care of skin grafts.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/vitamin-d Vitamin D - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - In Queensland, adequate vitamin D levels are usually obtained through incidental sun exposure. Only a few minutes a day are required.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/melanoma Melanoma - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Melanomas are cancers of pigment cells (melanocytes) in the skin. Melanomas can be fatal if not detected and treated before they have a chance to spread.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/sunspots Sunspots - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Sunspots or solar keratoses are areas of skin that are damaged by the sun. The area might be a single spot, or it might be a large area of damage.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/aldara Aldara - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Use of aldara in the treatment of sunspots and superficial basal cell skin cancers. correct use and side effects.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/efudix Efudix - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Use of efudix to treat skin cancers and sunspots. Queensland Sun recommendations for correct use, how to apply, side effects etc
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/picato Picato - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Picato is a cream used to treat sunspots. Picato comes in 2 strengths. Picato for the face and scalp and picato for the body, arms and legs.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/surgery Surgery - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Surgery is the most effective treatment for skin cancer. The lesion is removed and the edges of the excised tissue is assessed to determine clear margins.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/about-us About Us - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Dr Rod Fell studied medicine at The University of Queensland. He started working full time in the area of skin cancer in 2003.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/bulk-billing Bulk Billing - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Bulk billing is available for pensioners, concession cards, children and young adults (under 25), seniors 60+.
  • http://www.qldsun.com.au/privacy-policy Privacy Policy - Queensland Sun Skin Cancer Clinic Bundaberg - Queensland Sun doctors are committed to protecting the privacy of patient information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

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