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QImaging Scientific CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS Cameras for Life Science Research - QImaging develops CCD, EMCCD, CMOS and Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) digital cameras, Ocular imaging software and other scientific imaging accessories for life science, OEM and industrial research methods and applications.

  • http://www.qimaging.com/products/ QImaging Products - QImaging designs, manufactures and markets high performance digital FireWire cameras for imaging in life science and industrial applications.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/products/cameras/scientific/ QImaging Digital CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS Microscopy Cameras for Life Sciences - QImaging digital CCD, EMCCD and Scientific CMOS cameras are designed for life science microscopy, OEM and industrial imaging applications. Every camera includes image acquisition software for high speed preview and capture.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/products/software/ Image Capture Software for Scientific Imaging with QImaging Cameras - All QImaging cameras include image capture software, giving you easy to use image capture with high performance preview and capture functionality. Ocular imaging software is available from QImaging, as well as a Software Development Kit for integration with custom software.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/products/legacy/ QImaging - Digital Imaging Made Easy - QImaging designs, manufactures and markets high performance digital FireWire cameras for imaging in life science and industrial applications.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/qitube/ QImaging QITube: QVision Systems Design Introduces OEM Imaging - QImaging, a company that designs compact, versatile and cost efficient cameras, and Photometrics, the original architect of the world’s first scientific-grade microscopy EMCCD, teamed up to launch OEM Imaging, an online product development portal for OEM customers. OEM Imaging was designed and launched specifically for biomedical instrumentation builders, providing convenient and easy access to broad range of technologies from two of the world’s leading scientific camera suppliers for fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging. Learn more about OEM Imaging at www.oemimaging.com.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/resources/interviews/ QImaging Customer Interviews and References - QImaging customer interviews and references provide in depth stories on how scientists are using QImaging scientific cameras to support the imaging requirements for their unique science applications and research.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/oem/ QImaging OEM Cameras and Imaging Products Overview - QImaging OEM camera partnership delivers superior OEM support. QImaging OEM cameras offer application versatility that provide affordable performance with on-time delivery.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/oem/contact.php QImaging Camera Sales, OEM, Technical Support and Company Contact Information - Contact QImaging Sales, OEM, Technical Support or Service Centers. Use the company's Global Directory to find your local imaging sales consultant.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/about/news.php QImaging Announcements, News and Press Releases - QImaging press releases and company announcements including news updates for scientific digital cameras, imaging software and other QImaging imaging solutions.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/about/qimaging.php QImaging Company Background - Digital Imaging Made Easy - QImaging designs and manufactures scientific CCD, EMCCD, Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) and CMOS cameras for life science, machine vision and OEM research methods and applications.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/about/in-the-media.php QImaging Press Coverage - What industry experts around the globe are saying about QImaging and its products.
  • http://www.qimaging.com/products/cameras/scientific/retiga-r1.php QImaging Retiga R1 CCD Camera for Documentation and Quantification - The QImaging Retiga R1 scientific CCD camera has new Intelligent Quantification technical features to improve limits of detection and quantification. The camera becomes an intuitive extension of your imaging system, smoothly delivering data from the super speed USB3.0 interface to your computer. Ocular image acquisition software is included.

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  • Sandra Kennedy - Feel great!

    Next to my scriptures this is the book I refer to most often. I am off my hypothyroidism meds and ready to try the Cardofx next. One by one I add a new natural fix to my daily life. I feel 99% better than I did last year. I changed doctors and explained to her what I was doing . She understands and told me to keep doing it as loong as the numbers look good and to come back for another blood test in 6 months. Thank you Shane for saving my life. Now I need to get busy and be of service to others.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing Failure

    I am really amazed that Intuit has released a product I have installed and reinstalled, gotten on line with support, and they even overnight-ed a CD and it still will not install properly. I had seen other reviews saying this was a messed up version but after days of trying to install it, it will will not work as advertised. DO NOT recommend upgrading because you will lose access to your data while they figure out what the heck is going on. A real nuisance because I also learned that this version is not much of an upgrade....so I guess I just made work for myself...

  • Kindle Customer - Two thumbs up

    I haven't used it much yet because I'm waiting on my printer , but I can tell you that I already love it ! I had an extremely limited amount of space in which to put a computer in my soap kitchen but was in need of one . This is allot of computer in a VERY small package ! Your going to love this machine !

  • dwayne - Calibration Tests

    I purchased two of these as I wanted something digital and I liked that it recorded the highs and lows for each: humidity and temperature. Right out of the package they both read identical humidity and temperature which was great. I then brought them to my work and put them in a stabilty chamber to test against a calibrated expensive humidty guage at 63.3% RH and 25.x C. Both units measured within a single percent of RH and ready 25 C. I then calibrated the units in a nitrogen filled instrument with a calibrated unit. The calibrated unit read 0.0 % RH while both units read 16. I figured out that these units DO NOT work below 20 % RH and instead display 16 %. I then tested them in open rooms compared to a calibrated unit at 20-30% RH and these babies read within a single unit of % RH and about 0.5 degrees C. I have no way of calibrating them higher and not sure how high they will read accurately but I'm curious to see what they'll read outside in the rain. Otherwise they are great units for the price.

  • E. Karasik - Excellent design updates

    Waterpik is a great product, and my dental hygienist agrees that using one has made all the difference in the health of my teeth and gums. I had to scrap my old one after my cat chewed through the little tube leading to the jet, and was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the design has been improved in several ways: (1) it has a smaller "footprint" which takes much less space on my bathroom counter; (2) it is significantly quieter, so I can now use it late at night without fear of disturbing the neighbors; (3) the little tube to the jet is now designed in such a manner that when you replace the jet in the bracket after use, the tube coils neatly and disappears into the body of the device (safe from little cat teeth); and (4) the whole device is more streamlined and attractive-looking. Others have correctly noted that the well for holding water is not as large as in the older models, however I have not found this to be a problem, and it only takes a second to add more water if you need it. Nice to see a product that has been intelligently redesigned!