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  • Shon R. Edwards - Horrible software!

    I have always had problems with Roxio products. With version 12 Pro, I had problems with it shutting down at 99% being finished, the VideoWave program or whatever it's called shutting down about 50% of the time on a project. When I would do it the second time or third it would finally work. At least it would backup 50 GB of info on a 50 GB Blu-ray blank. Now I tried it with NXT and it backed up 1.5 GB only and told me it was finished!!! I'm through with this product, but don't know where else to go because CyberLink Power2Go also has problems with backing up this data. They're both good for something but not good on the other hand. I don't know where to go now. Maybe back to 12 Pro; at least it backed up most of my 50 GB of data onto a Blu-ray.

  • Logan Smith - Knock off alert

    This game is a knock off. If you want to play a game hay lags all the time and is full of made up players because they don't have the rights to the real players by all means go a rad. If yoh want a game that is realistic and at least has legitimate players play FIFA even though it can sucks sometimes too

  • The Duffster - Great product

    This stuff is remarkable. I had a hot water heater leak all over the small closet it was in and was afraid the wood would mold. It also spilled out onto the basement carpeting. After cleaning up all the water I could get to, I set this in the closet. Within a couple of weeks, it was dry as a bone in there with absolutely no trace there had been a problem. I would absolutely buy this again.

  • C. Bloomer - Vacuum Snob

    I have never owned a stick vac before so this is my first experience and have nothing to compare it to. With that said, it has met my expectations. I purchased it specifically to vacuum the never ending "stuff" on my wood floors. With 4 boys in the house I vacuum every day - no fail! I was tired of dragging out my fav vacuum of 5 years to do a quick job and I wanted something better then the ordinary broom. [as a side not - I purchased an Aerus Electrolux canister (not the same as Electrolux) for about $1200 5 years ago. I figured if it could last 5 years then I'd be ahead even for all of the crappy vacuums I'd ultimately buy through the years and toss out. This bar none has been an amazing vacuum]. Anyway, I like the ease of the Linx and the power is just fine. At first I was trying to vacuum too quickly because I was afraid of the short life of the battery so I couldn't be the obsessive vacuumer as I know we all are that are posting our comments here. Luckily the battery hasn't been an issue because my expectations are simply to keep my wood floor clean and maybe touch up some on the adjoining carpets. I would like one for my upstairs but for the price I just can't justify it. It looks like the price is going down based on Amazon's price listed today.

  • Judson T. Hanson - Software won't install

    I don't know what the problem is but the utility that is used to install the program DOES NOT WORK. I have spent several hours uninstalling/reinstalling/repairing different things in an attempt to get fix this problem without success.