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  • Shawn Kovacich - Not a Bad Product At All, But It Could Be Better

    Like a lot of "other" anti-virus software on the market today, this product is fairly good and does an adequate job and protecting most of your electronic computing devices such as PC's, Mac's, and now even your Android smart phones and tablets. However, I feel the makers of this software should go the extra mile and really put a product out on the market that really goes above and beyond what is expected of it.

  • roger98 - Working great just as expected

    Working great just as expected. The booklet does not have much information for set up or troubleshooting. I am having some problem with the unit shutting off a few minutes after I start driving by not all the time. When I turn it back on it stays on until my trip is over. I figure it out but I can't find information. Overall I am happy with the product and I would remeccond buying it.

  • Matthew Jolley - This product alone, helped my hip knee and ankle ...

    This product alone, helped my hip knee and ankle joints with pain. And also my nails and eyelashes grew and became thicker! Made me feel full for most of the day. My hair seems much healthier in look and feel.

  • Levi - Not a placebo

    Love this product. Works wonders. Check out you tube reviews by Joe Rogen. Started taking these & thought I noticed a difference but was a little on the skeptical side until I realized I slept better, had vivid dreams, & awoke fully refreshed.

  • Kathleen - Just what I wanted

    These are perfect and comparable to what I've received in recent years from banks. My checking account is with an online bank (Ally) that is very stingy with giving out checks. Even when I managed to get more than 20 checks at a time, I received no functional check registers. As many others have said in their reviews here, I use check registers to track all transactions, whether by check, debit, or online, and would still want the registers even I did everything without paper checks. I'm sure I'll buy more of these, since at this price it's easier to buy them than to get the bank to give them to me. If anyone knows a bank that "gets" this, let me know. :-)