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Kegel Exercises for Men | Sexual Enhancement | The Private Gym - The first FDA registered, patented Kegel pelvic exercise program for men, the Private Gym is an interactive exercise program developed to improve male sexual, urinary and prostate health.

  • http://www.privategym.com/customer-service/ Contact Us | Customer Service | The Private Gym - At The Private Gym, our goal is to provide you with the best service & support possible. Call us, send a message, or chat live with an expert trainer!
  • http://www.privategym.com/products/ Training Programs | Kegel Exercises for Men | The Private Gym - The Private Gym offers two expertly designed programs for sexual enhancement & ED prevention. Maximize sexual enjoyment with Kegel exercises for men!
  • http://www.privategym.com/pg-basic-training Basic Training Program | Kegel Exercises for Men | The Private Gym - The expertly designed Kegel exercises contained in Basic Training are recommended for men who want to develop initial pelvic muscle strength.
  • http://www.privategym.com/complete-training-program Complete Training Program | Kegel Exercises for Men | The Private Gym - To further maximize & improve sexual performance, add resistance training with The Private Gym's FDA registered exercise equipment in Complete Training.
  • http://www.privategym.com/viberect/ Viberect Male Stimulation Device | The Private Gym - <p>Viberect is the first FDA & CE certified medical penile vibratory stimulation device that can help overcome many forms of sexual dysfunction, including difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection, rigidity issues, erectile dysfunction occurring af
  • http://www.privategym.com/erection-recovery-program/ Erection Recovery Program | The Private Gym - <p>The Erection Recovery Program combines two cutting-edge therapies - the FDA and CE certified Viberect medical vibration device and FDA-registered Private Gym - to improve sexual function and stop incontinence by stimulating the nerves that produce erec
  • http://www.privategym.com/how-it-works/the-science/ Benefits of Kegels for Men | Sexual Enhancement | The Private Gym - 76% of men significantly improved erectile function with pelvic muscle exercises. Join them & increase sexual enhancement with The Private Gym Program!
  • http://www.privategym.com/how-it-works/our-doctors/ Meet Our Doctors | The Private Gym - Some of the world's leading urologists, physiotherapists, & sexual educators helped develop The Private Gym. Meet our experts to learn more.
  • http://www.privategym.com/kegel-exercises-for-men/ Kegel Exercises for Men | The Private Gym - The Private Gym Kegel Exercise Program for Men isolates and strengthens male pelvic muscles for optimum sexual, urinary and prostate performance.
  • http://www.privategym.com/faq/ FAQs | Sexual Enhancement & Health | The Private Gym - Read the Frequently Asked Questions about the Private Gym Program to learn more about kegel exercises for men and the Private Gym patented resistance training pelvic muscle equipment.
  • http://www.privategym.com/research-library/ Medical Research Library | Sexual Enhancement & Health | The Private Gym - Decades of research from world leading experts support The Private Gym training programs. Read the studies for yourself here!
  • http://www.privategym.com/male-kegel-health-benefits/ Health Benefits | The Private Gym - Private Gym Kegel Exercise Program for Men, an FDA registered and patented interactive workout program, strengthens the male pelvic muscles for better sexual, urinary and prostate health. Strong pelvic muscles help to improve erectile dysfunction, sexual performance, premature ejaculation, overactive bladder and prostate health.
  • http://www.privategym.com/male-kegel-health-benefits/sexual-performance-and-pleasure/ Sexual Performance and Pleasure | The Private Gym - Better sex through exercise, the Private Gym Program kegel exercise program for men strengthens the pelvic muscles. This safe, drug-free exercise program can help to control premature ejaculation and create harder erections.
  • http://www.privategym.com/male-kegel-health-benefits/prostate-health/ Male Prostate Health | The Private Gym - Men who follow the Private Gym Program to strengthen their pelvic floor prior to prostate surgery or radical prostatectomy can reduce the after-effects of incontinence and erectile dysfunction.
  • http://www.privategym.com/male-kegel-health-benefits/bowel-control/ Increase Bowel Control With the Private Gym Program | The Private Gym - The Private Gym helps to dramatically increase the tone, strength, power, and endurance of the voluntary anal sphincter muscles to tighten the anus and improve bowel urgency and leakage.

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  • Gunter Blauensteiner - Great bow for that price

    Great bow for that price. I like it a lot. I use this bow for target shooting and it does the same job like a expensive bow. Great performance. Good enough for general use

  • Hypercussion - Totally worthless for use with an IP softphone

    A co-worker recommended this headset for use with with a PC and Avaya softphone. I ordered a bundle here on Amazon that included the headset, charging case and charging cable. So for starters, it doesn't come with the USB bluetooth adapter required for use with a PC. No problem I thought, I can find one on Amazon. I went the Plantronics website and found that it should have come with a BT300 adapter which is prepaired to the headset. Mine didn't. I found it here on Amazonfor an additional $37. Now I'm almost $150 in but hey it was highly recommended. Next issue, the headset isn't recognized by my Windows 7 pc so I couldn't load drivers or configure it. Opened a case with Plantronics and they were of little help. Then the USB Bluetooth adapter I ordered arrived and the real frustration began. No instructions whatsoever. I plug it in and Windows recognizes it. OK a good sign... no not really. That's as far as I got. I got the headset to pair once with the adapter but it still didn't work when I tried to assign it to my softphone as a device. Kept getting an error that it was muted but it wasn't. Then when I rebooted, the headset and USB adapter didn't automatically pair and I had to go through the entire pairing process only to find that it still didn't work. This was a total waste of time and money and everything I bought is going back. There might be a version of this headset that comes a USB adapter that is pre-paired, but I couldn't find it here on Amazon. Be forewarned do not waste your money on this version if you are looking to use with a PC and IP softphone. I believe it might be more intended for pairing with a smart phone and not a PC.

  • Amazon Customer - Great & User Friendly...

    My daughter-in-law loves this program. It is so easy for her to do what she wants about splitting music into pieces for more people or something.

  • Daniel - DO NOT PURCHASE

    This is a S&H rip off. Deceptive advertising. Pay more for S&H than the product. Temp control not accurate. Sear setting still not good enough. Cost at least $20 to return which means processing and handling is extreme...The company knows this and still rips off hundreds maybe thousands of customers who are unaware of this. Any company with a don't give a damn attitude should not supported. It is also made in China. Every dollar spent in China ends up costing jobs in the US. Money does not get recycled into our economy and therefore cost jobs. DON'T support this company ripping of consumers and costing your children their jobs. Buy USA and support your economy.

  • Amazon Customer - A fun book about today's and yesterdays best games ....

    A great coffee table book for the gamer, or a fun book for kids and adults of all ages that want to learn more about the popular video games of today and of yesterday. It has lots of fun little bits, tips, and history about the games we know and love, and few I didn't know about. Lots of history and lots of cool pictures. My 8 year old read it for an hour and then came back with a wish list of games ... passed the test.

  • Elizabeth C. Farina - It works if you do your part....

    This is the 3rd time I've used this product, & it has worked every time. The 1st time I lost 9.8lbs in 10 days, 2nd time 6.4 lbs in 10 days, 3rd time 7.2lbs in 10 days. My problem is, it's a tough diet, & you have to stick it out for the 21 days plus the 3 days after without the drops, & then a modified version for 3 weeks after so you don't gain the weight back. I'm going to try again after the New Year, when there is not so many events and temptations in my way. But if you need to lose weight fast, this works for me every time. The product has almost doubled in price since I first used it, but it is still worth it to me! And I'm a 46 year old female, so losing weight is pretty tough