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  • Stephanie - Great safe car seat (especially for taller babies)

    After much research, we purchased this car seat for my 8 month old daughter, and it's truly met all of our needs to date. We chose this seat for several reasons: safety (rebound bar and steel construction); length of use (she's in the 90+ percentile for height and want her to stay rear facing as long as possible. This seat accommodates the tallest height rear-facing); profile (my husband and I are tall, and we needed something that wouldn't infringe too much on leg room); wear (my sister has a Foonf and raved about the ability to easily clean their fabric, stays looking new). There's more, but hopefully that helps if you're considering the seat. Cons are the weight (it's heavy, but we're not moving it regularly), a little tough to install at first (but what carseats aren't, really).

  • Mopsy - I love this. product

    No one has mentioned how this product works.wonders on scuffed up porcelain sinks and tubs. If you put a stainless steel pot in a white porcelain sink you will find gray scratch marks in your sink that don't wash away. But if you use scour off it cleans it right up. Take a little paste on your finger and rub it on the damp area then rinse. Voila! The mark is gone! I also use it on my white corningear and on scuff marks on walls. I love this.product. I feel good about letting my kids help clean too because it is all natural and non toxic! It smell.fresh and works.great! It also lasts a very long time. Like over a year! It is priced kind high but worth every penny. Tell a cleaning lady about this product! She will thank you!

  • Marc88 - What a Great Children’s Book!

    You can’t beat this book! I’m a professional educator and spend a fair amount of time looking for excellent supplemental resources for my kids. I’m so pleased at how much my kids love these stories and the way the stories hold their interest time and time again. The stories are very well written and provide great messages for younger children. They always hold my kids attention and I love the fact that there are 100 stories. I literally can use this book year round and my kids don’t get tired of the stories. My son is also a big fan of this book. What can I say; this is really an excellent book for kids.

  • Chesnut Family - Clymer Harley Davidson Sportster Manual

    The manual contains more information than a person would normally need, but when you need it, you need it. I've had Clymer manuals for all of my bikes (Hondas, Triumphs, Suzukis, and Harleys). The only complaint about this one is that my 2013 Sportster Forty-Eight is not covered in the main text. Features of this bike are included in the supplement at the end. So now I have to cross reference between the normal text and the supplement at the back of the book to do anything. With electronic publishing on-demand, it seems that it would have been easy to integrate the supplement with the main text. I guess I just bought this book in the wrong year. It also seems to me that this would be a good product to publish as a pdf or some other electronic format so that one could view it on their laptop while working on the bike.

  • J S Bach - Great Accounting Software

    I now run several businesses in the UK. I use an accountant I have known for many years and have always been happy with their service. I have had very little need for such software, especially given the price of accounting software packages. I am not a computer whiz and sometimes find complicated Microsoft software packages difficult to use.

  • Sorry for my previous review, this is really good album - Sorry for my previous review, this is really good album

    Yes! I am the idiot that thought that "Blue Lines" is not a good album. Luckly, it was a mistake! The album is really good, the rap is really calming, and the vocalists Shara Nelson and Horace Andy are doing sucha great job! My current review is just a proof that this album is so special, that you need more than one time to hear it. I recomment it to anyone who is into music!

  • Christine M Laubhan - I'm giving my 16 year old son 2 tablets every ...

    I'm giving my 16 year old son 2 tablets every morning with breakfast. After spending hundreds of dollars on prescription acne creams that he wouldn't ever use I've finally found something that cleared up his acne. Big improvement! I just set them on the table the night before. When he eats breakfast they are there to take. Very impressed!