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  • Mike Valmike - Just what it says on the tin

    What can I say? It's Office. In fact, it's a fairly accurate Mac port of Windows's Office 2010. For those who became accustomed to the Mac-specific workflow in Office 2008, you may be disappointed to see that it was scrapped entirely and Office 2011 now has the standard ribbon interface and functionality. For those of you who had to use the PC Office at work, this may be something of a relief -- learned operations now cross over between platforms.

  • Future RN - It's better to take Eng 1102

    I decided to try to CLEP out of Eng 1102 instead of signing up for the class, big mistake. The study guide do not cover all the material that will be on the test. If your not familiar with literature from the 1800's to present(including poems, authors, short stories etc) it is best to just take the class instead because the chances of you passing the CLEP is very slim.

  • jacqueline - great product

    Works great gonna buy another one saves me on getting cable and channels are clear just what I needed got it for me and my daughter

  • milkw0lves - My Holy Grail Shampoo

    This shampoo is really thick, and has a superbly thick lather. Finally, a shampoo that made me feel clean without making my hair feel dry. I took a shower (using the Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner) at night, and seriously awoke with perfect, frizz-free hair. The shampoo also has a nice subtle, earthy scent, and the bottle looks really lovely in my bathroom!

  • Amazon Customer - Love.

    Love. Love. Love these! You won't be disappointed! Haven't worn them yet so can't say yet on the quality and how long they'll last. Worth my $20!!!!!

  • Brandon - Excellent phone for price

    Works with Ting. Says it doesn't on their site but it does indeed work on Ting. We bought this for our son to play Pokemon go and I'm very impressed with this phone. No boat ware nice looking screen, gets 3g and 4g service with no problems, my son watches YouTube on it and best of all the battery lasts for a good amount of time. Definitely worth the price, I'd say it's going to be pretty hard to beat for the price.

  • A Spartan Ghost - Playstation support is no help

    I'm a gamer. Always have been and always will be. I have supported playstation for a long time until my account got hacked 2 days ago where the guy spent my money. I chatted with their support who said to change my password and so I did and they got the money back.