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  • nikhil karulkar - I have treated them so badly and they still cut great.

    BUY THEM FROM A SALES REP. I used to sell them and still have them...I have treated them so badly and they still cut great.

  • Vivian - But it is too bad that it didn't work for me completely

    I tried 2 bottles and they didn't stop the leak, they only reduced the amount of leakage. The fluid is definitely more viscous than Dexron III. The first time I used it, I topped off with most of the first bottle. I did notice that the amount of leakage was smaller. After consuming the rest of the first bottle, the leak continued, but at a slower rate, so I ordered the second bottle. With most of the second bottle consumed, the leakage was definitely much less than the original amount prior to using this product. But it is too bad that it didn't work for me completely.

  • Gee Gee - Relief for frequent cold sore sufferers!

    I frequently get cold sores and apply this at the first tingle…it prevents the outbreak 90% of the time. I used to buy Abreva at Walgreens or CVS and paid more than $20.00. This is a great price for a terrific product. If you are plagued by cold sores you would be nuts not to buy this, especially on auto-renew!

  • Joseph T Gaton - I like it but I like my regular PD32 more..

    This one has a wider beam compared to my regular PD32. My regular PD32 appears brighter- maybe due to the fact that it has a narrower/more concentrated beam. If I only have to pick one, I would not hesitate to go with the regular PD32.

  • Brandi D Ramsey - Simply Amazing!

    I have a 2008 Acadia and these mats work fantastically for my vehicle! They have saved my light beige carpet from my detructive child and dog! Couldn't have been any easier to install or clean them when needed. I am very satisfied with this product! Highly recommended!

  • Amazonian - Basically just a blender

    I am extremely disappointed by this product. I thought it was the answer to my prayers after spending months toiling with blenders and juicers just to try to get some fresh nutritious juice or smoothies every day. But this product seems to perform the same as the Tribest blender I bought, up to and including extremely leaky lids. Screw the blade on as tight as you can but it will still leak juice all over the place. I thought this product was going to blend everything so smoothly together into a very fine juice like concistency. But it is still just as gritty as what my blender does and after about 10 minutes you can see the juice and pulp separating in your cup. And yes, I used plenty of water and let it blend for about a minute. Perhaps I got a lemon, but I am extremely under impressed.