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Pilates & Personal Trainer - Pilates e Personal Trainer Ferreira Vieira - Com um rico arsenal para exercícios de membros superiores, inferiores e abdominais, o Cadillac se destaca pelo seu sistema de fixação de molasO mais completo e versátil dos aparelhos o reformer oferece diversas alternativas de trabalhos para membros superiores e inferioresO único aparelho do mercado que possui fixação para molas e um inovador sistema 2 em 1 que possibilita a retirada do barrel, podendo assim ser utilizado como meia luaStep um aparelho de pequenas dimensões mais muito versátil

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City: -81.1893 Florida, United States

  • AccioFirebolt - No results whatsoever

    As other reviews have stated, this product did not work at all for me. Zero results whatsoever. I gave this a fair amount of time (3 weeks) to work before I posted a review. This product was a complete waste of time and money for me. I regret the purchase and I do not recommend it.

  • Karina Hofacker - Works perfect

    Easy to screw in. Works perfect. No bend. No imperfections. Had it for a while now and still looks like i just got it. Never has caused us any issues with satellite or anything. So glad our long eyesore is gone. Deffinetly would recommend this product.

  • Leonard Washington - So much potential... Undermined by design and quality compromises. :-(

    I was infatuated with this vacuum for the first two weeks. It is very light and maneuverable, and the lift-away function seemed pretty cool.

  • Brian Welch - Baited and Switched. Removed HD Audio Support after purchase.

    I have been using Nero since Nero 5 back in 2000. I have loved most of them (Nero 9 was my favorite, 10 was atrocious). I decided to try them again in December 2015. Everything seemed great until the end of March 2016 when they decided to remove HD audio with no warning and no refunds to the customer. Is it really legal to remove features you paid for? All I know is that kind of mentality makes me not want their product anymore. Thanks for nothing Nero.

  • Mary - She said it was for informative and she enjoyed reading it very much

    The magazine was purchased as a gift. The recipient is just finishing it now. I ask for her comments. She said it was for informative and she enjoyed reading it very much. She had seen someone reading it on the bus and thought she would like to read it. She was glad she mentioned it and someone got it for her. She would recommend it to others, highly.

  • JOSHUA JOSHUA - Incredible product

    I am self-conscious about my skin. I want really light skin but I think I have too much melanin in my skin because I tan easily. I was a little skeptical of this product because how could it actually lighten and whiten? Well, it turns out it doesn't completely whiten (after 5 uses) but it actually lifts my tan skin so it looks more glowy than usual. I look like I got sun-kissed by the Hawaiian sun or something. I'm starting to actually like my skin more and more and realized I just need a "lift". This product does exactly just that. I am impressed.

  • M. N. Reynoso - Elton at His Best!

    This is one of my favorite Elton John songs of all time! I honestly can't remember who I was listening to on my Iphone when it occurred to that Elton did it better and did it first.