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  • Amora Rose - Look 10 years younger

    ...or maybe 8? All I know is I am 44, have been using this product for a year, and get my age pegged at between 32-38. It's non greasy, sinks in really well and keeps my skin nice and hydrated.

  • Marco60 - If you have plant allergies be careful.

    Just found out I have plant allergies. Since I started using this product, I would cough for hours, get stuffy and itchy eyes. Thought is was just the pollen levels this time of year. I stopped using after I went for allergy testing. I have no food allergies, but I seem to be allergic to trees, plants, weeds, grass etc.. So today I tried it again, and I now am coughing and eyes are red and tearing. Being a vegan, I am going back to soy, since I am not allergic to that. This is supposed to be hypoallergenic, but I question that.

  • Bernard Bynum - This is a great item to add to your shop of tools

    This is a great item to add to your shop of tools. I used the jig to build my storage cabinet. I constructed the box out of 3/4 in birch plywood and made a top and face frame with africian mahogany. I used pocket joints on everything even the face frame. I have been doing woodworking for many years (40 plus) and never knew how pocket joinery could be so easy and make projects look great. I would recommend viewing the dvd that comes with the jig before starting a project. This product is great!

  • my honest opinon - Must have for Xterra

    just installed a week ago not only it looks so much better than the stock this antenna has even better reception than original highly recommend.

  • H. Hursky - Just what you need

    Amino acids are critical when you excersize. This product from Muscletech is just what you need. 4.1.1 ratio is high so you know your getting it all and nothing you don't. God taste and mixed easily. Just like all their products it is clinically tested to back it up. Try and you will buy again

  • William Ferguson - unhappy with it

    It worked in practice. But just had my computer crash and went to use this software to reinstall and and completely failed. I had 3 back ups and as I tried to use each one it told me something was missing and one was the first back up that had worked in the pass. So I don't know what is up. But this is unreliable. I will take my loss and move on.

  • BusyMomOf2 - The guide is terrific if you travel to the “selected" areas of Germany

    The guide is terrific if you travel to the “selected" areas of Germany. However, this is NOT a complete guide for the whole country and it leaves out large parts of touristy regions such as the Allgaeu around Oberstdorf, the Bavarian Forest around Passau and the North Sea and its islands (not even Sylt is mentioned!). As a native I bought this guide to see how Americans view our country and what they deem important or curious. I had to laugh out loud when I read that Germans do not wear flip flops unless they go swimming. He’s referring to the “Badeschlappen”, yes, but don’t worry, I walk around in flip flops all the time in summer and no-one ever asked if I’m about to go swimming :-) I like how much Rick goes into detail for example when planning to see Neuschwanstein. All in all a great guide if you stick to the places he describes but arm yourself with e.g. a Fodor’s Germany in case you feel like discovering something else.