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  • Brew Review - Also noticeable is magnesium which I find is underutilized and really helps promote cognitive functions and increasing a good ni

    Nootropics are cognitive enhancers use to help improve our wellbeing by increased memory, mood and mental capabilities. I don’t drink coffee in the morning to get me going and I find energy drinks to contain way to much sugar for my liking. I much rather take a nootropic pill with a bit of water and food and help get the day started right.

  • Lyndsy Dailey - * This book is fantastic. I've read the 7 books in the Joe ...

    *I was given an advance copy of this book to read and write a review. However, being provided a copy of the book for free doesn't influence my opinion since I would have been able to read it on Kindle Unlimited anyway.*

  • Javier - Best table baby Chair out there

    We stowed our expensive high chair and we are using the Inglesina at home, now we started using it in restaurants and it fits every time, there are some reviews out there that bash the chair because it wont fit tables with skirt but I already use it in one with a 3" skirt and the chair has enough clearance in the lower arms to handle this.

  • Andrew - BUYER BEWARE

    Outstanding product, but if you are using a Triple Paste jar labeled 10 oz, this 16 oz container may be the same exact size. We bought this thinking it would be much larger than our last container of Triple Paste which was labeled "NET WT. 10 oz." When we received the NET WT. 16 oz. container from Amazon.com it was the same exact size. I measured the VOLUME of the container and it is actually 10 FLUID ounces (FLUID ounces measure volume and are different than ounces measuring WEIGHT ...unless you are measuring water or something with the same density as water then it is very close, but I digress). Our previous container may have been mislabeled. It probably should have been labeled either "10 FLUID oz." -or- "NET WT. 16 oz." to match the label on the Triple Paste from Amazon. Bottom line, don't expect to get a larger jar if you are already using a jar labeled 10 oz.

  • I actually PAY for my purchases - Good monitor if the price is right.

    i recently purchased the Best Buy version of this monitor (i2367F, which lacks HDMI input and internal speakers). I'll only comment on issues that should be common to both. As others have said, the thin bezel is misleading due to the 1/4" border that appears when the monitor is on. This isn't a deal breaker for me, but along with the lack of VESA mounts, will likely make this monitor unsuitable for those wanting a 'seamless' multi-monitor setup. -1 Star for misleading bezel.

  • L.A.O. - Will always be my choice in Tax S/W

    I have used this software over the last 10 years because it's easy to use. I like the H&R Block 2nd review, website help and even had a very nice tax consultant clarify a few new things to make sure I had it right!

  • McLemore - Advent Calendar

    I have always been very traditional on my advent calendars, but when I saw this one I thought my younger son would like it. He loves Legos and this calendar has given him many more pieces to his collection. It is fun to figure out what each piece is and then putting them onto the scene board I have found myself moving the different pieces around. If your child is a Legos fan, then this is a great addition to your collection.