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Pharmacy Tech Study Site and free practice tests. Practice for pharm technicians - Pharmacy tech study site to prepare for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Prepare for the certification test with our free multiple choice practice exams.

  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/pharmacy-technician-practice-test.html Pharmacy Technician Practice Test - Free pharmacy technician practice tests. Study for the national exam with full lenght multiple choice questions.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/pharmacy-technician-practice-tests.html Pharmacy Technician Practice Tests Pre Final Exam - Pharmacy technician practice tests Pre Final Exam #1. Study for the pharm tech exam with full lenght multiple choice questions.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/pharmacy-technician-practice-tests-2.html Pharmacy Technician Practice Tests Pre Final - Pharmacy technician practice tests Pre Final #2. Study for the pharm tech exam with full lenght multiple choice questions.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/pharmacy-technician-practice-tests-3.html Pharmacy Technician Practice Test - Pharmacy Technician Practice Tests - Final Exam. Study for the pharm tech exam with full lenght multiple choice questions.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/ptcb-practice-exam.html PTCB Practice Exam - PTCB Practice Exam to prepare for the official pharmacy technician certification test.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/top-200-drugs.html Top 200 Drugs list to Memorize - 2016 - This is the Top 200 drugs list to memorize in preparation for the PTCB or ExCPT. Current for 2016.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/top-200-drug-quiz.html Top 200 drug quiz - Memorize the Top 200 Drug names using quiz format.. Fully automated practice test, asked in the same manner as the Pharmacy Technician National Exam.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/top-100-drug-quiz.html Top 100 Drug Quiz - Top 100 drug quiz to study and memorize for the PTCB and pharmacy tech certification.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/prescription-abbreviations.html Prescription Abbreviations - List of Common Prescription Abbreviations. Also known as Sig Code and pharmacy Terminology.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/drug-suffix-prefix.html Generic Drug Suffixes and Prefixes - Big help with memorizing the Top 200 Drugs - Learinng Generic Drug suffixes and prefixes help when trying to memorize the top 100 drugs for the PTCB or ExCPT exam.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/medical-terms-definitions.html Medical Terms and Definitions - A non-comprehensive list of medical terms and definitions used by pharmacy technicians.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/pharmacokinetics.html Pharmacokinetics - What the body does with a drug. - Pharmacokinetics is the study of what a patients body does with a drug after it's administered.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/ndc-number-format.html NDC Number Format - NDC Number Format explanation. Tutorial for pharmacy technician students learning about the National Drug Code.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/prescription-refill.html Prescription refill limits and timeframes - Federal guidelines regarding prescription order refills to learn for the pharmacy tech national exam.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/roman-numerals.html roman-numerals - The use of Roman Numerals dates back to ancient times when symbols were used for pharmaceutical computations and record keeping. Some physicians still use Roman Numerals in dosage calculations.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/pharmacy-tech-math.html Pharmacy tech math - Alligation - Pharmacy tech math tutorials about Alligations, proportions and other things you may find on the the PTCB exam.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/pharmacy-math-alligation.html Pharmacy Math Alligation - Pharmacy Math Alligation, sometimes referred to as tic-tac-toe math is used to determine solution dilution compounding.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/ptcb-excpt-questions.html Pharmacy Tech Questions - Interactive forum for pharmacy technician students to ask questions related to taking the PTCB or ExCPT exam.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/math-questions.html Math Questions Forum - Ask and answer pharmacy math calculation questions. - Ask Pharmacy Tech Math questions. Interactive forum to help sharpen your math skills.
  • http://www.pharmacy-tech-test.com/pharmacy-tech-study-blog.html Pharmacy Tech Training Blog - Pharmacy Tech Training Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the pharmacy-tech-test.com Web site. Subscribe here.

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