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Pharmacie Des Saugeraies à Mâcon près de Sennecé - Pharmacie Juvanon spécialisé dans la location de matériel médical, en orthopédie et en parapharmacie situé à Mâcon vous accueille sur son site en Saône-et-Loire (71).

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  • http://www.pharmacie-juvanon.fr/pharmacie-macon Pharmacie Juvanon à Mâcon près de Sancé - La pharmacie Juvanon à Mâcon vous apporte des conseils en aromathérapie, phytothérapie, homéopathie, produits bébés, orthopédie, matériel médical, etc.
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  • http://www.pharmacie-juvanon.fr/orthopedie-macon Orthopédie à Mâcon - Pharmacie Des Saugeraies - La pharmacie Juvanon à Mâcon vous propose la vente de matériel orthopédique tel que des bas de contention, attelle, chevillères, ceinture lombaire, cannes, etc.
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  • Sam in NY - Way too hot. Do not purchase. Everything overcooked after 3 hours.

    Low heat setting is VERY hot. Everything (chicken, beef, pork) cooks in under 3 hours, sometimes under 2 hours. The "Keep Warm" setting is also too hot. I thought maybe I could cook something for 2 hours and then keep it warm for another 2 and maybe I'd get the equivalent of what "cook on low for 6 hours" from usual recipes might produce; instead, everything was super dry and there were still bubbles coming up, cooking at a simmer, when I had it on "keep warm." That this is a top seller is ridiculous. I can't "SLOW" cook anything, and that fact that keeping it warm continues cooking completely defeats the point of being able to start cooking something in the morning and have it ready much later in the day. Trying to get a refund.

  • michael blakes - thought it was the best but ??????

    when i purchased my laptop {my first and only PC at the time} it was recommended and installed at the store.for the first year it worked well. i renewed it and four months later it crashed repeatedly . i contacted them on line and they fixed it over and over. in the third year i renewed the software by getting it from a store and installing it. about six month later i get a warning that my protection has only thirteen days left.{keep in mind the subscription was for a year} i contacted them." they said they need my product key and couldn't check to see if i had six more months without it".... After six months i couldn't find the box it came in; so i down loaded their free 30 day trial of Norton 360. It came with a Virus that cost me $159.37 and close to three week of repeater attempts by professional techs. to fix they finally had to erase and scrub my entire hard drive then send and have it reloaded by the manufacture of my of my PC. So i warn u not to purchase this software, the company and product is not the same it won't recognize a virus that comes with any of it's own software and NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS PRODUCT!!

  • JMS Urquico - It's really good book for a refresher course on the overall Human ...

    It's a really good book as a refresher course on the overall Human Resource job coverage. Hence the title "the essentials", great read for supervisory or any corporate managerial personnel as well.

  • Courtney~MustReadBooksOrDie - Can Georgie be my BFF?

    Shel: A Place in the Sun gave me a different look at what R.S. Grey can do. I've seen her characters work hard and crack me up and smolder on the page; this novel felt a little more melancholy..a little more tinged with seriousness. Don't worry--there are still many times (most, actually) where I laughed/snorted at the dialogue or the situation, but I think Georgie's desire to find her person..her love..really struck a chord. Court: It did. And once it finally occurred to me who Georgie is there is for sure a realization that she has a lot more going on in that head than she portrays to a lot of people. Deep down she loves so hard, and just wants to be loved like that in return. And to say that she picked an easy catch would mean you might not know Georgie very well!!