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Parodontologie Praktijk - Utrecht, Implantologie-Utrecht - Home - De ParoPraktijkUtrecht, nauw samenwerkend met Implantologie Utrecht, is een tandartspraktijk voor Parodontologie en Implantologie. Ons behandeldoel is 'Healthy Teeth for Life'. We behandelen patienten met parodontitis en voor het plaatsen van implantaten

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • akreporter - Great for muscle aches, but the jury's still out on the cellulite

    I've been using this for a little over 2 weeks on my legs for cellulite. I haven't seen much difference with the cellulite, but I also started working out again and have been sore in my lower back, knees and shins. So I tried it out to see if it would help with the soreness and it did! It works very similarly to icy hot. It starts out very cold and then gradually warms to almost a burning, (but not quite) heat. I would say for about the first 5-10 min it is cool and then it gets hot for about 20 min and gradually fades away. It does have a pretty strong menthol similar to Vicks Vapo Rub. What is crazy is that my legs will feel so hot but still be cool to the touch. I'm not sure how that works but it is actually pretty relaxing once it warms up. I typically just put in on at night before bed because of the smell and sensation. It is more of a gel than a cream and a little goes a long way. I like that I don't have to use a whole bunch of it like with some other products. I have used this every day for about the last 17 days on several large parts of my (larger) body and it's still more than 2/3 full. I did notice that the sensation was strongest the first couple of times and then after that it seemed to be less intense. Also it seems like when I put it on wet skin, the feeling is more intense than when I put it on dry skin. I like that it is made of mostly all natural products like essential oils. Like I said, I have not noticed any difference yet in the cellulite, but I have definitely seen results for muscle pain, so for that I am giving it 4 stars. If I do see more improvements in the cellulite as I continue to use this I will update this review.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't waste your money!

    So disappointed in this product! It did not cover up the dark spots on my face and my lips started burning after I put the lipstick on , also my eyes started burning from the eyeliner. I did like the brushes and the highlighter, blush and bronzer compact is awesome!

  • SnowBird - A Multipurpose Cream

    This multipurpose cream works well for my arthritis pain in my back and is also a quick fix for my cellulite on my thighs. The cellulite appears to be decreased and my skin has tightened up after using this cream. Don't get me wrong, It won't make you look skinny or lose weight, but it will smooth those areas and make cellulite less prominent. It's great even though it's only a temporary result on my thighs ( about 9 hours ). I have also tried wrapping my thighs with plastic wrap after applying this cream. I had very good results with this technique. I massaged it in with one of those hand massagers with the little nodules and then wrap my thighs several times with plastic wrap leaving it on for an hour or two. While I have the wrap on I continue with my household chores. Just a small amount of this cream goes a long way. From the first time I used this cream, I saw a difference in the appearance of my thighs. It's perfect for when you need to wear a short skirt, shorts, or a swimsuit. Since this cream does a great job tightening my thighs I'm also putting a little on my double chin in hopes that it will work wonders on that problem area too. The skin sensation the cream gives reminds me of a product my mother use to use called Icy Hot. received this product at a discount. I'm writing this critique because I like this product. I do not have to write an evaluation of the product but I have chosen to do so. I am in no way obligated, nor am I encouraged to leave a good evaluation. This cream is great to have around for body aches and cellulite. I would recommend this cream to my family and friends.

  • Joe J - Software is excellent, support team stinks!

    Excellent software and the software itself desereves 5 stars but I left off a star because of their arrogant insensitive public support. I discovered that PrintMusic 2014 and my genealogy software both use the same file extension .ftm on their disk files. The genealogy software uses that exclusively to story the family tree information. PrintMusic uses it to store some of their template files. Nevertheless, setting there one day with PrintMusic open for some time and all of a sudden blue screen panic stop occurs. After recovering from that I discovered the family tree file association was changed to PrintMusic. Haven't had panic stops for quite some time since doing BIOS upgrades.

  • Daryl H. Johnson - McAfee Does The Job!!!

    McAfee Total Protection 2015 was very easy to install. The thin packaging material contains a small card with a series of numbers. These numbers must be typed into McAfee's website. Thereafter, you simply follow a few more instructions and you're done.