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  Parks Insurance Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD, specializes in Medicare and prescription drug plans. - Parks Insurance Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD, is an independent insurance agency that offers personalized insurance plans, specializing in medical and life insurance.

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  • C Mathews - I needed something like this. I have no other health ailments to ...

    I wish someone had told me about this product years ago. I suffer chronic, repeating anemia. Being a female, 47 yrs old with all the hormonal and body changes that go along with moving right along into mid life, I needed something like this. I have no other health ailments to explain the anemia, except the heavy, heavy menstrual flow. After reading the other reviews on here, I was determined to try this product, I'm glad I did. I was scheduled for an IV Iron infusion if my iron didn't show improvement within 3 weeks, while waiting for that I made changes, including trying the "SLOW FLOW" during my cycle. I believe it has made all the difference, game changer. My hematologist was interested in this product, looking it up during our visit. He had never heard of it, but was not against my using it. It won't surprise me to find he has researched it further, I'll know at our next visit.

  • SAHM=Everything that needs to be done, is done. - A MUST HAVE for all EO lovers....

    This lavender is excellent. It has a great scent, not watered down at all. I've used it in my diffuser in my kiddos room and was able to notice a significant improvement in their bedtime routine. Set the diffuser on a timer and they have loved it. Peaceful dreams with lavender calming=happy parents and happy children in the morning! The dropper is great...I'm able to control how much I need very easily. We use lavender on bug bites and any small scratches to help alleviate the irritation. Another favorite is to add a couple drops to some lotion and rub on sore muscles...great for growing pains or sore muscles after a workout. Highly recommend having a nice sized bottle of lavender on hand!!

  • Desiree - I love it! And the packaging is beautiful

    I received this product for reviewing purposes. I've never used a cleansing toner again after my original experience. However, Quinn's may have just changed my opinion on that!

  • SydSyd - Great Product that works

    Great product that works. I cut my hair the other day it was really short - I had to use the smallest curling iron to curl it. Anyways, I started using groganics DHT blocker oil twice a week to oil my scalp and rub on my hair. It makes the scalp tingly - i guess u can describe it as - like iced cold water dumped on your head. You will feel this for the first 30mins. It has been over a month now and my hair has grown about 3/4 of an inch and it is thicker and it 'behaves' - I normally wrap my hair at nights and using this oil makes my hair wrap easily and falls into place. I highly recommend! I only have this oil, soon I will get shampoo and conditioner.

  • Sharon B. Smith - Pilates Pro Gym

    I like my Pilates Pro Gym, use it daily. I did expect any repairs would have been done with new replacement parts but it was obviously repaired--a connection knob was glued back together. If I had the purchase to do over, I would have spent more for a new gym but have always had excellent experiences with manufacturers remanufactured models. The gym must have had a difficult journey since the box was arrived in very poor condition, I strongly suggest the company package their product better.

  • Aekero - You want durable? You've got it!

    I bought this video camera to use for recording some mountain bike trails here in Colorado, but I decided to give it a test ride this week on my high powered rc car. I used the velcro dual lock strip they provide to attach it to the car, and I was pleased how well it fit on there. The camera also comes with two other mounts for top or side helmet mounting.

  • *Veewin* - So Convenient!

    I <3 this thing. It was very easy to set up and is pretty solid. My 5 month old son loves finally being able to sit at the table with us for meals. I'll be taking this with us on vacation so he won't have to sit in the nasty highchairs at restaurants.