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  • Goldrush36 - Good build but way too firm for us. Customer service average

    Built well but way too firm for our liking. Customer service is overhyped as well. I see people talk about how comfortable it is and I have to wonder if they were sleeping on a slab of granite before. We woke up with bad hip and back pain every morning and we came from a pretty firm foam mattress to begin with so it wasn't our bodies needing to adjust. We put a cheap old topper on temporarily and it did help a little, but Casper still wouldn't do anything until after 30 days and spending a few hundred more on a topper on top of the mattress cost ... Instead I opted to just return it which wasn't quite as hassle free as claimed either. In the end we opted for Brooklyn Bedding for $200 less after taxes and it has been a dream right away. There's lots of potential for Casper but it certainly isn't the goldilocks bed. I'm sure many people do really love em, but I'm also sure a lot of reviews are skewed by the referral program and kickbacks from Casper. Another funny thing about that is Casper won't post my review. Even when I kept simple and just noted the body aches and reluctance from Casper to address the issue! Definitely do your homework first.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice

    Really easy to set up and looks great. I bought this because I miss calls because I don't hear my phone in the noisy environment at work. With the watch vibrating I catch the call. One minor downer is that this watch doesn't have magnetic sensors so compass apps won't work.

  • P. Smits - so far so good

    I bought this last month and have used it 3 times. I have a LOT of ceramic tile and there were several reasons that I wanted to try this floor cleaner:

  • Michael - Good option if you need a Comcast modem + wifi router (NOT FOR PHONE SERVICE)

    This is the perfect modem to buy if you have a small apartment in an area with Comcast service. This is a great 2 in 1 that acts both as a modem and as a wireless n router.

  • Marie - Slumber Party Wars

    Slumber Party Wars was a great book! It was well written, funny, and taught you to ask the Lord for guidance if you need help. It also taught you that people make mistakes so forgive them if you would want them to forgive you if you made a mistake I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially for girls 9-13.

  • Kindle Customer - Worth reading

    It is refreshing to be able to read a book that is not full of foul language and smut. I would liked more and faster action with a lot less "my prison days in Texas" repetition. The story line is good but not very realistic in places - but 'Hey!' it is fiction not a true story where "only the names were changed to protect the innocent." I think it's worth reading and would recommend it for anyone who's looking for a mystery with clean language, no smut, and less graphic blood, guts, and gore.

  • Kathy - This software printed the 1095-C's that can be distributed to ...

    This software printed the 1095-C's that can be distributed to the employees but was unable to print the official 1095-C IRS copy forms. Additionally - the E-File drop down did not contain anything but why it's helpful to E-File - not able to E-File from this software. I went to the site for Comply Right but could not find anywhere to contact them.