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Oven Cleaning Exeter - Oven Clean from Oven Gleamers Tiverton, Topsham, Broadclyst, Cullompton, Devon, - Oven cleaning from OvenGleamers Exeter cleaning ovens, range cookers, AGAs until they Gleam in Devon.

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  • A. Wich - It Works!

    Got this book on the recommendation of my naturopath. All I can say is, it works! The author writes in a very simple style so that the concepts are easily understood. I would highly recommend this book and the earthing concept to anyone who is having health difficulties.

  • Benevolence - Very Impressed!!!

    I've used Proactiv off and on for many years, and my breakouts became more manageable. Last year I experienced a horrible allergic reaction to something unknown, and tried many different products from department stores, which made the reaction worse, and worse.I was left with severe acne, like I have never seen before. I finally broke down and ordered Proactiv and within 1-2 weeks, the severe acne/reaction was gone. I'm happy to have ordered from this vendor, because it was my first order on Amazon. It's the real Proactiv!

  • Crystal Hamilton - Great Product

    Smells like mint! Which I love! My cats did not care one bit about the smell when I sprayed their things! Fleas are gone! previously I sprayed the balcony where the cats hang out but the yard stuff is not for inside so I got this and it worked within a day or two!

  • Jountia - New look for my FZ6R

    I love this new look to my FZ6R, it was really easy to connect once i figured it out. Where the screw enters the light. It isnt predrilled so u want to drill the screws in 1st before u get it installed. Dont do like i did & get to the end & have to reinstall it...lol. I also purchased the Yamaha 2008-2013 FZ6R Fender Eliminator separately since it cost less the the whole kit. I'll write a review for the Fender Eliminator next ---Jountia (Lady Rider)

  • kurtzl - Quickbooks for Mac

    Did any of the geniuses at Quickbooks not think to make QB for Mac look and function the same as for Windows? Couldn't have been that difficult to do. That way the transition would have been seamless. Also have terrible trouble that hundreds of cleared transactions download despite already being cleared and none of my downloaded transactions ever match the ones in my ledger. I spend hours longer doing work in QB for Mac than I ever did in Windows. This is the only complaint I have ever had regarding anything Mac.

  • K. Halloran - Great addition for Christmas

    This was a great gift for my 5 year old. He loved getting up in the morning and being able to open up the next day, getting some Lego surprise. Kept him out of trouble for the month of December. Yes, it is pricey for what you get but it is Lego and they are all expensive. Your kids will love it.