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Ocean Reef Medical Centre, WA - Prostate Check, Nitrogen Therapy & Minor Surgery - Ocean Reef Medical Centre located in Western Australia offer services including prostate check, nitrogen therapy, minor surgery and more. Check out for more services offered at Ocean Reef Medical Centre

  • http://www.ormc.net.au/contact-us.html Ocean Reef Medical Centre, Ocean Reef WA - Family Medicine & Dental Care - Ocean Reef Medical Centre in Ocean Reef WA offers family medicine, dental care and psychology services. Call 08 9307 5344, for consulting general practitioners of Ocean Reef Medical Centre
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/online-appointment.html Family Medicine & Psychological Services, Ocean Reef WA - Ocean Reef Medical Centre - Ocean Reef Medical Centre offers its patients services including family medicine, psychological services and cosmetic dentistry. For online appointments, send an appointment request here
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/care-programs.html Care Programs at Ocean Reef Medical Centre, WA - Asthma & Diabetes Management - Care programs at Ocean Reef Medical Centre, located in Western Australia, include treatment for asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and mental health. Navigate to know other care programs
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/diabetes.html Diabetes Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options, Ocean Reef WA - Read info on diabetes causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options offered at Ocean Reef Medical Centre located in Western Australia. Watch diabetes 3D video presented to educate patients on diabetes
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/asthma.html Asthma Medication, Ocean Reef WA - Asthma Treatment at Ocean Reef Medical Centre - Asthma is a condition where airways in the lungs become narrower making it hard to breath. Asthma medication is the best asthma treatment offered at Ocean Reef Medical Centre in Western Australia
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/stop-smoking.html Tips for Quitting Smoking, Ocean Reef WA - Stop Smoking - Read some important tips for quitting smoking provided by Ocean Reef Medical Centre located in Western Australia. Nicotine replacement therapy is the best method to quit smoking
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/heart-disease.html Coronary Heart Disease, Ocean Reef WA - Diagnosis & Treatment Options - Coronary heart disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, endocarditis and congenital heart disease are effectively treated under care programs provided at Ocean Reef Medical Centre, WA
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/copd.html Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Ocean Reef WA - Chronic Bronchitis - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is caused due to heavy cigarette smoking. Watch video on COPD explaining its causes, symptoms and treatment options
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/general.html Ocean Reef Medical Centre, WA - Nitrogen Therapy, Minor Surgery & Antenatal Care - Ocean Reef Medical Centre offer nitrogen therapy, minor surgery, antenatal care, child immunisation, skin check and prostate check. Call 08 9307 5344, for appointments with general practitioners
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/after-hours-clinic.html After Hours Clinic, Ocean Reef WA - After Hours GP - Ocean Reef Medical Centre manages after hours GP clinics for treating patients and providing them services when their normal GP surgery is closed. Check for contact info
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/our-doctors.html General Practitioners, Ocean Reef WA - Ocean Reef Medical Centre - General practitioners at Ocean Reef Medical Centre offer services including medical acupuncture, minor surgery, nitrogen therapy and prostate check. Check out their profiles
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/kathi-bleeker-sauzier.html Dr. Kathi Bleeker Sauzier, General Practitioner, WA - Ocean Reef Medical Centre - Dr. Kathi Bleeker Sauzier is a general practitioner at Ocean Reef Medical Centre and has special interest in women's health, mental health and paediatrics. Look for her profile
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/len-henson.html Dr. Len Henson, General Practitioner, Ocean Reef WA - Ocean Reef Medical Centre - Dr. Len Henson, general practitioner at Ocean Reef Medical Centre, has special interest in men's health, emergency medicine and in minor surgery. Check for his complete profile
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/almayne-du-preez.html Dr. Almayne du Preez, Paediatrics, ENT, Men's health, contraception and sexual health and minor surgery , WA - Ocean Reef Medical Centre - Dr Elisabeth Olynetz graduated from the Karl Franzens University in Graz in Austria in 2002. She completed general practice training in London in the UK.
  • http://www.ormc.net.au/wei-jek-keng.html Dr. Wei Jek Keng, General Practitioner, WA - Ocean Reef Medical Centre - Dr Keng is the newest member of our team having just joined us from the UK in winter 2014. He qualified from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland in 1998 and spent his initial postgraduate years acquiring experience and expertise working in a variety of disciplines in hospitals throughout England and Scotland. He completed his specialist training in General Practice in 2006 and has worked full time in family medicine, acute out of hours care and medical student teaching in Hampshire until his move to Australia.

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    City: 143.2104 , Australia

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