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  • A. Tizzle - I Am Female

    I am an attractive woman by beer-goggled standards. But because of my course mustache**, prominent mons pubis, and ample back fat, I don't often get approached by men (even when I premiered this shirt on a Friday night at the Denny's bar). After several unsuccessful weekends, I got wise to the ways of the manhunt. I Bedazzled the words "I AM FEMALE" on the back. You can't deny the allure of three wolves on the front and the unequivocally feminine rhinestone-studded message on back.

  • Amazon Customer - didn't fit the car like millions of others have fit my past cars

    didn't fit the car like millions of others have fit my past cars, would buy from someone else who has a better fit.

  • armyofsquirrels - Been Using K&N for years.

    I bought the car (06 Mazda6 with the V6) in 09 with 32K on it. I've been using these filters for about 2 oil changes after I bought the car. I use to use Fram that I would pick up at the local Walmart. After seeing videos of people tearing apart old filters on YouTube I decided wet "Cardboard" wasn't good enough. So I switched to K&N. The difference was noticeable to me at least, the car was just a lot smoother (sounds weird but it was). I usually pick them up at the Local Advance Auto and the Oil (Pennzoil Ultra 5W20) at Walmart. If you buy from amazon and purchase more then 2 its a good deal. At the time of typing this, it was 13.99 before Tax at Advance, and Amazon has them for $9.xx free shipping at 25$. Great Filter. Great Price at Amazon for those who Think Ahead.

  • motoxsgb - Very nice lightweight BMX Helmet

    This is an excellent BMX helmet for the money. Very sturdy and lightweight. I have 3 boys that all race and it's a small fortune to equip them. When you compare with the expensive ones the protection is really in the energy-absorbing foam inside. From what I can tell they are all the same.

  • Lois J. Breedlove - Good Job!

    The basic theme isn't new -- alien ship, telepathy with the remaining alien, and so on -- but the writing and the characters bring a freshness to Fluency. I kept reading even when I had other things to do, and I'm happily looking forward to a sequel.

  • Lvlfamily - Rocketship launch

    Get ready to launch! Your bathroom will become a mighty wet rocket ship. This thing shimmies and shakes and sounds like your basement dehumidifier water pump (the cheap one)!

  • Andy S. - Smells kind of like cucumber, so if that's what you're into, go to town.

    Like most shampoos, this just showed up in my shower. My wife used it for about two weeks, which is slightly above average. So I'm left to finish up the bottle. I don't know what Awapuhi is. It smells like cucumber. But I'm pretty sure Awapuhi doesn't mean cucumber. It could just be one of those things that people like without really knowing what it is. Like when people get kanji tattoos that are supposed to mean "Strength" or "Honor" but really mean something like "I like poop." Also, I looked at the ingredients. No Awapuhi. So I'm really at a loss with respect to the Awapuhi aspect of the product.