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  • willie yee jr. - Gave me the flaming poops.

    This stuff is garbage and does not work. I did not lose any weight, even though it gave me a serious case of mudbutt. Maybe that's how the weight loss happens? Anyway, I don't recommend this product. I purchased it directly from the manufacturer. Save your money, eat less, and stay active. That's the only way to lose weight.

  • Patsy - Weight limit not what advertised

    The write up in Amazon list the weight limit as 300 lbs, which is why I picked this chair. When it arrived the package information says the weight limit is only 242 lbs. I needed a chair for a heavier person. Other than that everything seems good.

  • ASAD HAFEEZ - but if you are great at avoiding distractions during your personal study time

    May not be as effective as in-class or personal tutor study, but if you are great at avoiding distractions during your personal study time, and are willing to put forth your time and effort towards reading the guide in detail, this one is for you. It's also the cheapest method guaranteed to help earn a higher score. Be sure to take advantage of the two practice tests included.

  • Sue Kitt - The Devil's Work

    Once again Mark Edwards has given his fans a really creepy, intense, page turning and thrilling psychological thriller.

  • Ed Albert - Best Pick-Up Truck

    Excellent suspension, very economic 3.5lt engine, luxury features, highest re-sale prices in the market.

  • Mandy - The Only Thing That Worked

    When I got this, I was a bit skeptic because I've tried so many acne products that claims to work fast over the years, and yet I ended with no results. When I got the AcneFree cleaning system, it was hard to keep up because of the three step process every morning and night. The bottles were a big hard to squeeze, and I wished they all came with a pump so there goes one star. However, over the first week, I actually see my face clearing up! I mean, I'm not saying that all of my acne are gone, but the fact is that my acne is definitely lessening for sure. And I just want you reviewers out there to know that I got this product for free to try and review, but all opinions (AND RESULTS!!) are 100% my own :)

  • Jerry Warriner - May be all right -- if you live in Luxembourg!

    When I was prompted to enter the activation code I got a message telling me that I'm in the wrong region. The back of the package says in tiny type, "Not for sale or activation outside of the European Union." What kind of stupidity is this? I've never had such a problem before.