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  • Mr. P. Leigh - Would defintely buy again

    Awesome roof rails - less than half the price of the big brands and work just as well. I have travelled at 70-80mph on the interstates with no whistle. With my huge carbox on top I do notice less fuel efficiency but this is not really a consideration given the amount of time it is in use. It is easy to set up and take down - even on the Grand Cherokee its a one person job

  • fklftman - Scam

    This thing is a total scam. It would not work with the batteries, There are no, repeat, no therapuetic benefits to this product. It is a bunch of led lights. This is pure snake-oil. Thank God for Amazon because I could return it with no problems.

  • Barb - Mislead on Payroll Package

    After ordering the package for QB Pro 2012 and Enhanced Payroll, we found the same issue most of have had with this product... employees limited to 3 for payroll. This was purchased with the assistance of a QbProAdvisor that was not aware of the "limited" employee version either. Way too misleading. QB is a great product however it is very confusing when ordering the payroll product outside of the Intuit website and should have HIGHLIGHTED this limitation, as well as the true cost to upgrade to unlimited.

  • chris - I really like it....

    I was alittle skeptical about this mop but I have to say I really like this. I highly recommend. Took alittle getting used to{used to the old sponge mop} but am pleased especially because it fits into corners and behind the toilet.

  • Peaches - Affresh Washer Cleaner a Disappointment

    I was definitely disappointed in this product. An appliance company highly recommended Affresh for my clothes washer. I have a front loader and even though I leave the door partially open all the time, the rubber seal inside the rim develops mold occasionally. I used Affresh and it did not remove it.

  • A Mom in Mass - my son enjoyed it this Christmas

    my son enjoyed it this Christmas - I agree with the comments I read before buying it... that they should not show everything on the box because it ruins most of the surprise... but 100% of the items are not shown. I would order again.

  • brian - Beware of catching more bacteria and mold

    Pros: cleans both sides of nasal passage. nasal pillows for insertion are soft. easy to remove tank and clean.