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Sociedad venezolana de Oncologia :: - La Sociedad Venezolana de Oncología es una organización sin fines de lucro fundada el 8 de abril de 1954, integrada por especialistas en todas las ramas de la oncología, y que se encarga de impartir educación continua a los profesionales del área de la salud sobre la atención integral del paciente con cáncer para lograr la excelencia médica en este campo y así mejorar la calidad de vida de los pacientes.

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  • Homer Simpson - It saved my car from a junkyard

    My 100K miles 1999 Cutlas is now running without overheating and no more losing coolant into the engine. I did not remove the thermostat because I was so lazy. If I've done that I might as well replace the head gasket. I flushed engine with a $3 bottle of Prestone flush and then drained the radiator. It took me nearly six hours to see clear water running from radiator. I changed engine oil (chocolate oil) then I started the bluedevils work. The engine was quite warm when I added bluedevils solution. I let engine idle for about 90 minutes. Let it could down overnight. Started it up early in the morning and the white smoke came rushing out like crazy. I didn't think it was fixed. Didn't feel good at all when I saw that. When I checked engine oil it was clear. The coolant tank was empty so I added 50/50 coolant and let the engine idle again.

  • Curt - Replacement Hubcaps Solved my problem!

    I had lost one of my hubcaps recently and looked on line to find a replacement. Although what I ordered was not a perfect match with the other hubcaps, it came close. The price was very reasonable compared to what others were offering and it looked great on my car! I was also pleased with the timely shipping of my order. Not only was the delivery quick, it was delivered on the date specified in the order!


    I wondered what could have gone wrong with a wafflemaker that was only used a dozen times??? When I read these reviews I realized that I had plenty of company. The wafflemaker LOOKS beautiful. WHEN it works you love it. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has used defective parts in its construction and will not own up to it. I had a Sears wafflemaker for 36 years and it was still working when I discarded it for this glizty looking model. BIG MISTAKE. The only way to protect consumers from having their money stolen is to REFUSE to buy Villaware products until they change their ways. REALLY DISGUSTED and DISAPPOINTED.

  • Erin Himmelmann - Excellent product!

    Design wise it's very streamlined and doesn't take up a lot of space. It opens up the wine and makes the flavor come out so much.

  • Marji - I prefer the original.

    I ordered this thinking it was getting the original Ojon Hair Treatment but I received the "Plus" version of the product. The original was so much better. I'd put it on when I knew I was going to be home for a while and when I shampooed my hair a few hours later it would be shiny and soft. The Ojon Plus leaves a residue that makes my hair feel and look greasy and dirty. I need to lather up a few times to get all of it out of my hair and that leaves my hair feeling dry. Kind of defeats the purpose of a treatment!

  • River - For professionals

    I found the book chock full of great information, but far from complete for its bulk. I also think navigating it ain't easy!!


    Veronica McGinnis is a cousin to Declan and has come to Mullardoch Manor to attend the wedding of him and Zoey. Being a single mother to almost nine-year-old Colin, working for a paper, and also in her parent’s pub, she has no love life. As a submissive, she is looking forward to being able to spend time at DFC and just let go and enjoy for a few days before going back home to her everyday life.