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Omnicore: Medical & Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency - Omnicore is a specialist Healthcare marketing and advertising agency experienced in hospitals, group practices, assisted living centers and Health IT Vendors.

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  • Violeta Villacorta - threaded it (by hand since I didn't feel the need to use the threading tool) and it worked beautifully! It works well on all typ

    It took me a while to get to my project and the machine sat in the box it came in for some time. But as soon as I was ready, I turned it on, put the bobbin, threaded it (by hand since I didn't feel the need to use the threading tool) and it worked beautifully! It works well on all types of materials. I am currently working with a fine ahimsa silk fabric and the machine handles it smoothly.

  • Amazon Customer - Healthier, stronger, happier, less stressful

    I used to be in my best shape of my life at 47, I let myself go for twenty years. Bought a new total gym at 59 years of age and began again. With this system and muscle memory my strength is returning and my body is conforming to my work out as far as my physique. Best decision I ever made and perfect for my aging body with smooth movements and low impact. I am determined to get in the best shape of my life before I get married 5-6-2017, my fiance knew me twenty years ago and she is exited to see me again in my former glory of being better than 90% of men my age. I owe it to myself and my fiance and my family to live long and be strong and healthy. Do yourself a favor, buy yourself a new total gym, for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Randy Richmond - Newer alternative to the Xantrex Link-10 (E-Meter) state-of-charge gauge

    Here are the notable differences between the new Xantrex Battery Monitor (XBM) and the good-old Xantrex Link-10 (E-Meter) battery state-of-charge meter:

  • AweBeyCon - Clean, dry, dry, dry hair

    This leaves my hair extremely dry, like no other product I've ever used. You CAN NOT use this without a conditioner or something else afterwards unless your hair goals include looking like you were just electrocuted.

  • Just Another Guy - Two issues.....

    The crossbars arrived in a day or two, so fast shipping. Two issues - one was that the bars, when positioned in the proper location (both front-to-back and left-to-right thanks to the handy tips here in the product reviews) were about 3/8 of an inch short of meeting the mounting rails on each side. I bolted them in, and they flexed into position. Seems ok and sturdy so far, but slightly concerning. Secondly, the product details on the amazon site says it has a load capacity of 165 lbs, but the instructions say a load capacity of 132 lbs. Doesn't impact carrying my kayaks, but that may be an issue for some purchasers. So the two issues loses two stars from an otherwise nice looking product.