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  • Caitlin Wyckoff - Great alternative to "traditional" whitening

    Just started using this this morning(received it last night) and I already see a difference! Traditional whitening with strips or kits aren't an option for me because I'm breastfeeding and even if I wasn't I have irregularly shaped k-9 teeth and with strips it is hard to form to those teeth so compared to expensive kits and the charcoal it is much more cost effective. I will be sure to keep taking pictures and update with continued improvement.

  • KAMS - junk

    I bought this with the 60 day money back guarantee. It's been 50 days and I will be sending back whatever is left. Does.....Not.....Work. I can see now how they fake people out by making it look like it improved their neck and jaw lines even tho they say they photographed people at the same angle. All you have to do is move your head directly back while keeping your neck still and you will look worse. Move your head forward without moving your neck and instantly your jawline and neck look way better. Nice trick! And deceptive. Back in the mail it goes.

  • O. K. Maharaj - Works.

    I used this on my toenail where a tool had hit it leaving a hollow area underneath the nail as it grew out. No matter how I cut it, it grew back the same way. After using this for 3 months, there is not hollow section anymore. Therefore, I endorse this product.

  • david shipley - Worth renting but (long editorial) lol

    First I do not want this review to stop anyone from renting/watching this film. It is what people say it is- entertaining ,not in a Ghost Adventures Way but in a fresh, honest and humorous (while still serious to a point). Yet my issue is that at the end of the day it really does not give you a good or fair enough evaluation of whether ghosts are real or not. It definitely shows you the pit falls of paranormal investigations which are many, yet they themselves never really get it right either. I have watched every show documentary (including Barry Taft , Lloyd Auerbach & Hans Holzer) as well as all the Ghost reality/docum. shows. They are 2 different entities though (parapsychology & paranormal investigators) both have a place in the search for the truth. But until fame,fortune ,ego as well as using the tools that have worked in the past- see Ed & Loraine Warren , Ghost Adventures documentary (the best to date as well as there early work, until his ego won over) and trying new techniques like- the use of knowledge from religious texts , Bible, Josephus etc.then this can go to the next level.

  • Kish - The only nasal strip that stays on all night

    Breathe Right is the only brand of nasal strips that actually stay on all night. I have been cheap and lazy and purchased generic brands from Walgreens, WalMart, etc but they will not stay on. So I was pleased to see I could by these on Amazon Prime - no shipping or tax and lower cost than local stores. Have been using them on and off since they first came out. So worth it. I always use them at night and sleep so much better. I also use them in the day if I'm sick.

  • K. woodard - WOW!!!

    this product works great within two weeks my nails has already grown longer and thicker hair is thicker also very good product!!!