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  • ksaint - The best eye cream ever!!

    I've used this product several times, it really does brighten the under eye area. I use it every day and night, just a little dab will do. Doesn't take long to see results. Whenever I wakeup and my eyes a bit puffy or have some darker circles from missing out on sleep the night before, I put this product around my eyes and within 20 minutes the puffiness goes down and the dark circles start to lighten up!! This product gives me a "reawakened" look and I absolutely love it. I'm continually amazed at how this product "wakes up" my eyes each morning. My eyes look tired, bleary and puffy when I face myself in the mirror at 6 a.m., but something in this cream rejuvenates the skin around my eyes--a subtle glow that may not be so obvious to others but is a vast improvement to me. Highly recommend it.

  • Epilady - Excellent compilation of a wide variety of travel stories from varied locations

    In The Best American Travel Writing, edited by Theroux and Wilson, readers will find a variety of stories. Compiled from pieces already published, the stories run the gamut of laugh-out-loud funny (especially 50 Shades of Greyhound), poignant, heartbreaking, and philosophical. A few are translated from a different language into English. Most of the stories are on relatively well-known areas (London, Paris, Alaska, Bombay/Mumbai), there are also some stories about remote areas and include one where the author had been kidnapped for 460 days in Somalia. There is truly something here for every one. And each story is eloquently written - it's easy to see why the editors would have chosen them for inclusion into this compilation. In the Advance Reader Copy, there are 24 stories. And the nice part is that if one doesn't speak to you, you can move on to the next.

  • Samwise - Range is great but speed is halved.

    3 minutes setup is technically correct, if you don't count the 2-3 minutes it takes for it to boot from cold or reboot. Securifi Almond is as simple as it gets when it comes to routers and bridges, as it comes with a stylus and an easy to navigate touch screen.