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  • Gabrielle - Great frames!

    I was iffy if I wanted to buy frames online but this was a great buy! I get compliments on the color but it fits a little smaller than expected but other than that, I love them!

  • Lavonda Johnson - Great product!

    I have tried several over the counter acne body washes. This one works! Keeps my back clear! I try not to run out!

  • joe adams - The day i discovered this cable

    I was on a boat tour of the rivers of Uganda when the tour guide spoke of a mysterious cable. Legend holds that this cable was crafted by highly skilled ancient blacksmiths to defend their civilization from ancient aliens. The tour guides name was Giorgio Tsoukalos who stated he also found this legendary artifact in the depths of the amazon. Or maybe it was amazon.Com

  • George L. Avet - works

    Great or hair and feet with soft scrub brush and just quick daily simple scrub and rinse. If you workout and yes hit the whirlpool sauna steam and common shower areas at heath clubs, a great home show quickie cure for fungus on feet or were ever. Seems to open scalp follicles to on a balding head of hair. Not really a conditioner but a great cleaning product. Worth the money

  • Diane - Says can be shared across multiple devices. Only goes ...

    Says can be shared across multiple devices. Only goes to my phone, where it is do small it's unreadable.

  • Marcus Argin - Are you buying this for your DH Longboarding sessions? Read this.

    Like I mentioned, if you're buying this for DH longboarding and need a dependable full face, there's a few things you need to know.

  • Charlotte Willis - 2012 Family Tree Maker Deluxe

    I easily installed the product. I had to install Family Tree Maker 2005 in order to use my old files that I made with version 4.0. I was able to convert the files and it seems to be running OK. It is different from the version I had, but also newer. I am running Windows 8 on my computer. I did not make use of the free trial of Geneology, because I did not want to give my credit card number to do so.