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  • B newman - It was easy to attach and works great

    I thought I'd get this so my girl could try it out. It was easy to attach and works great. She was impressed by how it changes up her selfies. Says it really helps when she needs to fix her makeup because it allows her to see the small details even better. Would probably make a great flashlight too; it's pretty bright!

  • Jeanice Blume - Did not work for me

    This broke me out with several large cysts after one use. I used it for a couple more days and it continued to wreak havoc.

  • Amazon Customer - Have to get another order soon.

    I was given this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. This product is awesome. My wife and I used this product and it worked! Our eyelashes became thicker in 2 weeks. We love this product, we are going to order another.

  • Gregory T Reid - Originally LOUD fan -- is now FIXED :-)

    I owned a Playstation 3 for several years before upgrading to this Playstation 4. One thing that I really DON'T like about the 4 is that the indicator light is on the top (whereas the 3 had it on the front). I have my Playstation on a very high shelf in a home theater setup, and I simply cannot see the top of it, so am always guessing as to its current power state.

  • Chloe Clevenger - Why I love this book

    I love this book because I think it teaches a lesson that life is not all about who is cool and who is not because you should always treat people the way you want to be treated if you like them or not. The last reason I love this book is because it teaches another lesson that life is not always fair but that is okay. I would recommend this book to any one who loves to read.