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Building Healthier Communities - Nottingham CityCare - Award-winning community health services provider, dedicated to improving the long-term health and well-being of local people.

  • http://www.nottinghamcitycare.nhs.uk/find-a-service/services-list/1st-line-physiotherapy-service/ 1st Line Physiotherapy Service - Nottingham CityCare - Physiotherapist service providing initial assessment of MSK conditions in your GP surgery
  • http://www.nottinghamcitycare.nhs.uk/find-a-service/services-list/acute-visiting-service/ Acute Visiting Service - Nottingham CityCare - This service aims to reduce admissions to hospital, A&E attendances and 999 emergency calls through a rapid response home visiting service to patients who ring their GP practice requesting an urgent home visit for an acute medical problem
  • http://www.nottinghamcitycare.nhs.uk/find-a-service/services-list/speech-and-language-team-salt/ Adult Community based Speech & Language Therapy - Nottingham CityCare - This service provides assessment, rehabilitation and therapies for patients aged 18 and over who have communication and swallowing disorders.

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  • M. Wagner - Silk Infusion

    My beautician uses this product in my hair....I bought this product to have some on hand....wonderful, wonderful, wonderful stuff....for soft, silky hair, this is definitely the best buy ever, with or without the heat!

  • MarkDS - less buggy

    Finally had to upgrade to 2014 from Quicken2011 Premier and was surprised at how overall this edition has been less buggy out of the gate than others. The QDF file conversion was the best ever, and I've been using Quicken from the text entry days.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Battery for travels where you are outdoors most of ...

    Great Battery for travels where you are outdoors most of the time, helped me out to charge my phone several times

  • SeaDog - Painless Perfection!!!!!!

    OMG, Sweet Mother of Jesus, this thing is awesome. We've never had one, so we figured we'd shoot for a middle of the road one. I spit out thing stuck in there from when I was 3!!!! Seriously, I NOTICE my teeth are whiter and my wife notices. For the money...I don't know what to say. I'm still licking my teeth just to feel how clean they are. This thing is amazing and I would recommend it to my Mother and all of my family. In fact, they might actually see this one again in December. Great gift idea, after you get your own that is!!! I was blown away at how many years this thing shaved off my teeth. I used to smoke cigars and now I vape.....ziiiiip, gone. It tore all the tar right off. Plaque be for warned, you are out of there. It's like shaving the barnacles off the bottom of a boat... :P Oh and with no pain, NO PAIN. Did I mention comfortably, and no pain. We were worried about the pain and were really surprised at how minimal even around known sore areas. There was a little mmmm, but not bad. Not bad enough to stop. Pretty much painless.

  • MontanaClan - It really is pretty amazing stuff.

    I had a marine mechanic turn me on to this stuff a few years ago. I'd periodically put a can in the tank of our cars, but it was hard to tell any major difference when we weren't having a big problem to begin with. I use it as a general fuel stabilizer for our small engine stuff at home - mower, trimmer, blower, etc. I became sold on it this spring when I was having a heck of a time getting the string trimmer to run smoothly - was just very rough and took forever to warm up to a smooth idle. Even then, it was a roll of the dice whether I could go to full throttle. All of which made grass trimming a pain in hinder - particularly because the trimmer was only a couple years old. Last week, I got the trimmer running and took off the air filter cover and the filter itself. I poured a bit of Sea Foam into the intake and let it sit for about 5 minutes after it stalled out. Started it back up and after 30-60 seconds of smoking off the Sea Foam, it went to a smooth idle and happily went back to full throttle. Really a remarkable change when I had been messing with the trimmer for a couple weeks. Stiil running well now about 3 weeks after the treatment. Really impressive