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  • BMAR - Awesome moisturizing power without weighing your hair down

    Usually it takes a couple of days for my natural hair to fully recover moisture after a shampoo and conditioning, but this curl creme allows my hair to bounce hack instantly. Additionally, it provides great moisture, curl definition and shine without weighing the hair down and feeling oily. This has replaced all other products that I use. Perfect post shampoo and as a daily moisturizers and curl definer.

  • Martin Stuck - The new Versions of AutoCAD are so User Friendly that Modifying the .pgp file need not be done any longer.

    Looks to be exactly what I want. It will help me a lot. I am using 13 where I am employed and hope to purchase 15 for home to run on a new desktop. I hope to make the purchase between end of November to next March The computer it self will be 4500-5300 with 64GB of ram. I am not a gamer but the computer is built for gaming. For me though I need a machine that can run AutoCAD 15, the latest version of Solid works, Visio 2013 alone with a few other software packages I have used in the past for creating or manipulating drawings. The "NEW" computer I have now at where I am employed is a Dell i7-3770 CPU @ 3.4 GHz 8.00 GB Ram and 64 bit with Windows 7. This thing locks up and freezes daily. If you need a power house computer you absolutely can not expect to find it by purchasing from a company that mass produces them in a factory in CHINA.

  • tubby - jarrow formulas methyl b12

    This is a good product. The lozenges melt in your mouth. They are a tad big, but they still melt easy. The seller sent my purchase when promised. I am pleased with the purchase & the seller. I will be buying this product again.

  • 2 boys' Mom - Did not meet expectations

    I bought this product in the hopes that it would remove the urine smell in our carpet from where our female cat has urinated many times, and to hopefully deter her from going again in that spot. I absolutely drenched the problem area with this stuff and covered it in plastic for days, let it dry, and then vacuumed with my wet vac (only hot water). Unfortunately, my cat urinated on the spot again. So, I did the procedure again, using more product and letting it "work" for an even longer period. I finished the process yesterday, and my cat hasn't gone there again, but the area still has an odor when the light hits it. Other than it not performing up to my expectations, the fragrance of the product is quite strong. So strong that my husband (who has asthma), couldn't be in the room for days because he had trouble breathing. Just a warning to anyone who is sensitive to smells and/or asthma.