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Neurosynaptic Communications - Telemedicine Solutions India |Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd | Enabling Healthcare. Anytime. Anywhere. - Neurosynaptic Communications offers high-quality Telemedicine Solutions - ReMeDi, an indigenous and patented technology

  • http://www.neurosynaptic.com/corporate-profile/ Corporate Profile - Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt. LtdNeurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd - With the commitment to make quality healthcare affordable to masses, Neurosynaptic has demonstrated the impact of technology solutions at a large scale
  • http://www.neurosynaptic.com/board-of-directors/ Board of Directors - Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt. LtdNeurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd - The team at Neurosynaptic is an ideal combination of highly experienced and professionally reputed management with a young motivated development team.
  • http://www.neurosynaptic.com/awards-recognitions/ Awards & recognitions - Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt. LtdNeurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd - For its path-breaking work, Neurosynaptic is now recognized worldwide. The testimony of its achievements is reflected in the awards that it has received
  • http://www.neurosynaptic.com/remedi-telemedicine-solution/ ReMeDi - Indigenously developed & patented technology Telemedicine SolutionNeurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd - ReMeDiĀ® - Indigenously developed and patented technology Telemedicine solution | Customized Solution for developing world
  • http://www.neurosynaptic.com/remedi-nova/ ReMeDi Nova - Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt. LtdNeurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd - Fully Wireless and Mobile Based solution that provides healthcare at the doorstep
  • http://www.neurosynaptic.com/news_events/ News & Events - Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt. LtdNeurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd - Find latest news and event updates from Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd here
  • http://www.neurosynaptic.com/csr-initiatives-for-corporates/ CSR initiatives for Corporates by Neurosynaptic CommunicationsNeurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd - Neurosynaptic actively engages with Corporates for their CSR initiatives. With its several NGO Partners, Neurosynaptic provides the perfect platform for...
  • http://www.neurosynaptic.com/work-with-us/ Work with us at Neurosynaptic CommunicationsNeurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd - We're looking for proactive candidates who have a passion for learning. At Neurosynaptic, you'll working alongside smart developers or researchers

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  • sayuri9 - A cute toy for babies

    I actually got this for my daughter who is now 11 months old. My husband and I took our toddler to an indoor playplace and they had a sensory pool for infants. My daughter absolutely loved it. She had so much fun I went looking for something we could play with at home.

  • MSDave - Useful info

    Does a good job of showing the basic ropes of whats available in Access before you ever start writing any code. There is good coverage of forms and database design. Would have liked more help on using Navigation in designing a more complex interface using the good DB design practices outlined in the book.

  • Chris Teitel - Great, with only one small problem

    After a year of using this wine chiller, it still amazes me how wonderful it is. It's a must have for anybody who has wine drinking friends that just drop by. The motionless option is great for drinkers of fine unfiltered beers, who don't want to stir up the sediment.

  • Andrew D - Good GRE Book - Covered all the topics

    This is a great book for the General GRE. As of 2013, the GRE has 6 sections: 1 Writing, 2 Verbal Reasoning, and 2 Quantitative Reasoning, and 1 "Test" section. The "Test" section is used to try out future questions and doesn't count for your score.

  • WWiley - Had to Buy - GRRRRRRRRRR!!

    I have used Quicken for years and as in the past, when they update (3 years) they cut you off at the knees and do not allow all internet functions on the older versions (in my case 2007). Frankly, if I could find another program, open source for ubuntu, I'd drop Intuit in a nano-second - that would include Quick Books, Turbo Tax and all versions of Quicken.

  • Lady Spacetrash - Kind of an acidic, astringent, bubble-gum flavor.

    Looks great, but I could not say the same for the taste. My husband was so very disappointed. It's back to the drawing board.

  • Mandy Conn - Add it to your cart... your kids will love you for it!

    Kids who don't have trampolines & whose parents can afford them are being neglected. Best money we've ever spent on a toy. Even our high schooler still loves it (this is our third trampoline... hard to move one across the country). No reason to buy one of those $1000 things when you can have this baby delivered right to your front door (where your kids can see it and spoil the Christmas surprise, but whatever. Maybe have it delivered to your neighbor, instead?) for about 1/4 the cost. Easy to assemble, light enough to move around so you can mow under it, and the mat around it seems to hold up well (we've had ours a year, still looks fairly new).