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Neurosurgical.com - Back Pain | Neck Pain | Pain Management | Pain Medications | Patient Information - The Neurosurgical web site provides information on neurological, neurosurgery, neck and back pain treatments, including therapy, medications, and surgical procedures.

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  • http://www.neurosurgical.com/neuro_medical_info/spinal_anatomy.htm Spinal Anatomy | Spinal Regions | Bones and Discs | Vertebrae | Spinal Cord - Information about the anatomy of the spine and how it leads to back and leg pain.
  • http://www.neurosurgical.com/neuro_medical_info/chronic_pain_faq.htm Chronic Pain - Frequently Asked Questions - This page answers many of the most common questions about chronic pain and how to manage pain.
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  • Rio Porchas - A must-watch for lovers of paranormal shows and films

    A fun, genuine, and good natured look into the world of Paranormal investigation. Everyone involved in filming is genuine in their beliefs, and approach one another with respect in regard to that. Believers question, and the nonbelievers aren't up on a "high horse" about their disbelief.

  • Ann Z. Neczypor - Super product

    Best all round multi vitamin I have tried, and I have tried them all. These vitamins really absorb well and they work.

  • mommaL - NOT FOR ME!

    This product did arrive just as it said it would, however the part about being for color treated hair, NOT after using this item and the conditioner one time it stripped most of the color out of my recently colored hair. Couldn't tell you if it would give you volume I would never use it again.

  • Holman - My dog is no longer chewing my controllers!

    Love this camera, great design shape. I can finally see my dog and stop him biting my 5th new remote controller while I am not home. I called him through the app and he stop right away, sometimes toss a treat to draw his attention. Such great product fulfilled my needs.

  • Melean Remoquillo - Not bad for a regular shampoo

    I wouldn't pay this much for it though! This is pricey, and it did not do its job. I'm a 40 yr old female and experiencing slight hair loss. The smell was alright, but i would just go for a regular shampoo instead of this.

  • JPJ Photography & Media - 10th Year Using Norton Products - Love 'Em!

    Arrived fairly quickly and though the box was a little smooshed the CD inside was fine. I installed on two Android-based Galaxy S5s and three Windows 7 laptops with no issues. You save a bit of cash getting the older version but it will update the application and virus definitions to current standards so you really lose nothing. The only difference is the amount of free, cloud storage but that's only for a year and then you pay a bit higher for such storage. Besides, you don't really need cloud-based storage what with global warming and all. I mean, if Al Gore is correct, and why wouldn't a guy who owns a company that makes money off selling carbon credits to resolve an issue he alone discovered be correct, there's going to be more clouds than we'll ever need. There will be so many clouds I bet we'll find them in our coffee!