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Natural Products News - Natural Products News is Britain’s leading trade magazine for the natural and organic products industry.

  • http://www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk/action-sugar-calls-manufacturers-act-now/ Action on Sugar calls for manufacturers to take action now - www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk - Action on Sugar is urging food manufacturers to commit to the new sugar reduction and reformulation programme announced by Public Health England last month.
  • http://www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk/unpublished-pesticide-trials-reveal-harm-honey-bee-health/ Unpublished pesticide trials reveal harm to honey bee health - www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk - Bayer and Syngenta have been criticized for not publishing research that found their neonicotinoid pesticides cause serious harm to honey bee colonies.
  • http://www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk/cocoa-farmer-emphasizes-need-industry-work-partnership-growers/ Cocoa farmer emphasizes need for industry to work in partnership with growers - www.naturalproductsonline.co.uk - Fairtrade cocoa farmer Fortin Bley warns that unless the international cocoa industry does more to involve farmers, it risks losing a generation of growers.

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  • Elizabeth Bell - Bye Bye Pesty Buggers!

    Bought 2 of these for our property in the California Desert, the squirrels were ruining all of our properties potential (fruit trees, chicken growth, roses, lavender, blueberries, etc.) I put these out the afternoon of Day 1 - Caught 4 before dusk!, Day 2 - 19!, Day 3 - Another 14! Day 4-7 we caught 4 of the little devils each day! (We do not count the 3 cottontails that we have also caught, which are also a pest we deal with). That's over 50 squirrels in the first week that I no longer deal with! Love it!!!

  • Laura - works great

    I use these to prevent UTIs, which can strike ANYONE regardless of gender and sexual activity. It's part of maintaining sexual and bodily health.

  • Lina - Many disappointments: Flimsy band. Lost the first MOOV NOW on my second run. Second MOOV NOW will not sync.

    I ordered two MOOV NOWs because I wanted a tracker that tracks more than just step movements, like the more varied movements you do at a bootcamp.

  • elle - I really like this supplement

    I really like this supplement. I did think it helped my supply some. It is super easy and convenient to take and tastes good. Cheaper than at cvs too. I will be purchasing again.