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    .... of a classic rock opera. Alice Cooper shines as King Herod, and David Burt as Pilate nearly steals the show with his sneering, yet compassionate depiction of the Roman whose silence put Jesus to death. Zubin Varla does a good turn as a passionate Judas--his voice breaks as he sings Judas' reprise of "I Don't Know How to Love Him." In addition, Joanna Ampil as Mary Magdalene is one of the best Marys I've ever heard. Her voice is sweet and pleasant to listen to, a real pleasure. The only slightly sour note in an otherwise pleasant production is Judas' harshness in some songs, and Steve Balsamo's Jesus gets high-pitched and effeminate-sounding in some songs. Fans of the movie's Ted Nealy will likely appreciate Balsamo's production. But the sound quality is excellent, and this is truly a wonderful recording!

  • C. Park - Terrible installation

    After 4-1/2 hours the first day on a chat session and then another 3-1/2 hours the second and then another 2-1/2 hours the third time they were able to finally get it installed. I have used this product before and have been satisfied with it. However I will definitely reconsider it next time. I don't have any idea why after the subscription is up, if you RENEW your subscription it is over three times as much money than you can buy it at retail locations and then reinstall it. You would think that if you already are using their product and are happy enough to renew it, it would be the same, in fact, even less than you could buy it at a retail location. Anyway, think about it before you buy it.

  • Kitty S. - I love this product

    I love this product. I started using this "no poo" shampoo when my hairdresser recommended it for my curly hair. I have now been using it for months, and I noticed a difference after about a month I would say. If you are switching directly from regular shampoos to this No Poo, it can be quite different, as it does not lather. It requires quite a work in, I generally scrub pretty vigorously with my fingertips, focusing on the roots of my hair and allowing the no poo to coat the rest of my hair naturally.