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  • Lynn G. - The ZANFEL Truth

    Here is the TRUTH regarding ZANFEL. Forget the instructions on the package. They are designed to make you use WAY too much of an already expensive product.

  • Caleb Ford - VR requires pretty demanding hardware

    5 Stars for the price. If you look are looking for a rating comparing to other headsets, or a rating that deducts points for flaws, this is not that rating. I am just rating what you get for what you pay for. At this low a price, sacrifices had to be made. VR requires pretty demanding hardware, and that hardware is pretty expensive, so whether $400 is too much for you or not, fact is this is very cheap for what you are getting, just as a cheap house isn't necessarily cheap. Sony found the right price to offer VR that is plenty good enough for great games and a lot of fun (more fun than I hoped), while finally offering a headset at a price that is affordable for a whole lot more people than the PC and headset required for higher end VR. I haven't yet used the PS Move controllers so I can't review those, honestly I'm not too interested in those yet, but I am sure the other reports on tracking issues are accurate. Sony will need to make a new camera and new controllers for that. As for the headset tracking, it was just about flawless in the hours I have played, except when I leave the camera range but I was lazy and didn't set up the camera as effectively as I could have. The demo disc has a lot of great demos, I haven't even played a third of them yet and I am already more excited for the future of VR than I was before trying. Graphics aren't great but it doesn't ruin the fun. The graphics are good enough and I plan to get PS4 Pro later, which I'm sure will allow for higher resolution ports. Frame rate was fine. I don't know if it was 60 or what but I didn't feel like frame rates were lower than they should be. One issue is that VR, at least in some demos, blurs objects which are not in your view. I think the idea is to make it life like, as if you are not looking at them so they should be blurred.. but your eyes aren't fixed straight ahead so when you look around without moving your head the blur doesn't make sense. Your eyes naturally blur your peripherals so the headset doing it is not necessary. I'm sure this is something PS will realize and change in time. I can see myself getting nauseous if I wasn't careful, but I went in knowing the mind gets nauseous with movement it is not used to. This isn't some problem with VR. I got sick spinning on a tire swing or carousel as a kid, riding in cars for a long time while got me sick, boat rides got me sick, looking too close to a TV and spinning my characters first person view around made me sick. VR will surely get to me too until I'm used to it. I was fine with most games/experiences. I started off with slower ones, Thumper, Within, VR Worlds Ocean Exploration (think that's the name), Resident Evil 7.. and those were all fine. No nausea. But then I tested my limits it and I started the Eve Valkyrie demo. I held R1 to do a a barrel roll and my mind was actually convinced I was spinning and I immediately got a huge head rush of dizziness. It was really cool actually. You couldn't expect to get in a fighter jet, start doing barrel rolls on minute one of flying experience, and NOT get dizzy haha. If VR is tricking the mind, then it is working. I'll just have to see if exposure gets me used to it. Maybe I'll do a barrel roll once a day to build up my tolerance.

  • mister sweet sugar - Best shampoo Ever!!

    I have been tryin grow my hair out for the last 3 years. And was consistently getting breakage. I have black kinky hair. I also use a relaxer which I will NOT give up. Anywho, this past winter I had the most breakage in the crown area, so that if I pull my hair up it looks like a crown. Shallow in the center and long around the hairline. So I bought this whole regimen out of desperation. And as one last go around before I get the clippers. But the Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner and Vinegar Rinse work! My hair less of my hair is falling out. And it just feels better after. Some of their products did not work so good on my hair. But this regimen does. Also the test will be the winter when my hair tends to break off more. But until then Loyal customer here.

  • JANICE THOMPSON - Acnefree is the best acne treatment for me

    Acnefree is the best acne treatment for me. I have tried numerous creams, cleanser, gels etc but none compares to acnefree. I even tried proaciv which was too harsh. Acnefree on the other hand is gentle but very effective. The price is also very affordable. I keep replenishing as soon as it gets low because it keeps my acne at bay. Good product!